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  1. Just two network walkman s...NW-HD5 red & E013F violet
  2. Hi,superbon I love the HD5 as you do.HD5 is a remarkble walkman till now.Good SQ and removable battery makes it the unique or best HDD walkman.I've a RED one now and I want to get an other HD5H because the silver edition HD5 looks bad with white keys.However,it's hard to find a HD5H now.Maybe many sony fans are persuing the A800 series now,but I think the classical unit HD5 is still worth buying. STAN☆STAN
  3. Thank you for your reply. It would have dust going in problems but I won't buy a case for it for the sake of beauty. I am satisfied with the battery duration of this unit (30h)as well as SQ.And maybe the e010seris is avalible in United States now.
  4. Thank you for your words. I think there's no much differences on SQ except the EQ.E010 has more different EQ to choose. Sound with the SONY MDR-EX90SL,I think the clear bass in E010 is a bit like the digital bass in HD5 .As for treble clarity and wide stereo image,the E010 wins hd5 because of the EQ"CLEAR STRERO".Otherwise,after I have try my friend's S605,I find that the SQ of e010 is almost the same with NW-S600,and their EQ is also the same. STAN☆STAN
  5. I wanna say that..."a friend of mine"=my brother=jojo2000cn,and thank u here,jojo
  6. Today,a friend of mine gives me this E010F as present. It looks nice and it also has a good sound quality.I like it very much.
  7. Hi xuyiran,welcome to ATRACLIFE . Thanks for sharing your nice picture.I think the word "SEXY" is appropriate for your pics. Yaaa, I agree with you that SONY WALKMAN overtake iPod much more.And I like the SQ of the S700/600 and A800. Anyway,I hope you can enjoy this forum.
  8. I would highly recommend you this CD.There are many good songs in this CD.Besides PATIENCE,I like HOLD ON,SHINE and MACUNION WAY .GQ Smooth,I believe it's worthwhile to buy this CD. STAN☆STAN
  9. These PMX series MP4 player don't need to use the Sonicstage.And it doesn't support ATRAC3plus. Besides,there's no WALKMAN logo on these two players,so it's not the WALKMAN player. Personally,I don't like this kind of MP4 player,for I don't think its SQ will be as good as the A800series.And the PMX series is released in China only,so it seems to be difficult to buy one aboard. As for video player,I prefer PSP. STAN☆STAN
  10. I vote for the HD5.It looks cool in red and black and it has removable battery, good sound quality. But as for looks,I will go with A3000/1000 for its unique shape and shining surface and beautiful colour(violet). In all ,I chose the HD5. STAN☆STAN
  11. Nice and rare WALKMAN.but I think300€ may be too much for a used HD5H, Anyway,good luck to you and wish you find someone who need this walkman soon
  12. hi, bland10000,a net-pal from横浜、 Thanks for sharing your pics.Nice walkman and pictures. I like the size and the color of the walkman.And I was wondering that if you have compare this walkman with S600series,and if you do,are there any difference between them when sounding with their supplied headphone MDR-EX082 relating to sound quality?
  13. Thanks for your review. I also like the sound of EX90 and I have enjoyed it for a year. I bought the JAPANESE version EX90SL. Compare with my EX71SL,EX90SL is more balanced in sound.EX71has a strong but a little disordered bass. Anyway,subjectively,I like the SQ and look of EX90SL.
  14. WALKMAN :network-walkman hd5(352kbps) cd walkman ne20(listen to cd)
  15. Take That Beautiful World ATRAC3plus 352kbps 1.Reach Out 2.Patience 3.Beautiful World 4.Hold On 5.Like I Never Loved You At All 6.Shine 7.I’d Wait For Life 8.Aint No Sense In Love 9.What You Believe In 10.Mancunian Way 11.Wooden Boat 
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