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  1. Had a chance to listen all 3 with same file. They all sound very similar but there are some differances - 818 and 808 are almost identical... the 808 seems a touch sharper - but most wont hear it. The s61x sounds a bit softer in treble and a little less detail, but everything else sounds the same
  2. After calling Sony UK last week - they called me back today to comfirm that my walkman (A805) will be compatible with Windows Media Player and Napster soon. Sony will be relasing a "Compatabiltiy Update" for older walkmans so they can use WMP, Napster and other online music downloading sites. They shall be making a press statement soon. Im not to sure when "soon" is but its before Connect store closes in March 2008 is how sony worded it. Its good news neither the less
  3. I think the A8XX has better sound than the S70X. The S70x seems to have a muddled sound... too soft. If I use high end headphones like my UM2's it really shows this off. The A8xx has a much crisper exsiting sound, the bass extends deeper and has more punch. However the defalt EQ is a bit off as it boosts midrange too much which some users think is harshness. If I set eq to CB +5 -2 0 -2 -1 +2 It has a sound simlar to S70x but with more bass punch and crisper treble.
  4. You dont see my point.... Sony prob will not give a firmware update for WMP if we ask for one as they will say only new units surport it. But if we say we bought the unit so we can download music and now we cant as Connect store has been cancilled - they havent fullfilled a service and bound to update firmware.... see my logic?
  5. Connect Music store is closing which means we dont have a legal way of downloading music to play on our Sony Walkmans. This is a petition for all sony walkman users to ask for a Windows Media Player update firmware so that we can download music. If this is not possible then it means sony have failed to deliever a service which we payed for when we bought the walkman. Hopefully Sony will send update firmware so that all walkman users can use the new downloading software from Napster and WMP. Please can you put your name down, what model you have and where you live. It prob would be helpfull if to give serial number too but I dont know if thats safe to do on a forum. I will send this page to sony once I get loads of responces
  6. Where does it say that the A810 will use mini USB2? Under the accessories for A810 it shows stuff that uses the same port as the a800 uses!
  7. After my S705 was stollen I turned up home and my mum had got me a shiny new A805 as a pressent! After playing about with it I can comfirm that the A800 has more bass than the S700. But almost every forum post says that the A800 is not as strong in the bass department as the s700. I find the bass extends deeper on the a800. The sound is more gritty... like the sound is lying on wet n dry paper... the S700 is like on felt or wool. The problem I found with the S700 is that its just too soft... the bass was flabby and not that deep, mids where too warm and resessed highs. The A800 sorts all this. However I think the default EQ is a bit off and thats why people are finding the player harsh etc.... it pushes a bit too much mids! Try this Clear bass +3 then +2 -2 -2 -1 0 Take the earphones - look for 3 vents at back - cover them with 3 layers of sellotape... put a pin hole in centre vent. This makes the A800 have the same sound signiture as the S700 but with added detail and deeper bass
  8. I see playforsure on the new sony boxes - which means...... DRAG N DROP for any windows XP and Vista PC! Yay!
  9. They might bring out a non sonicstage version of the A800! Will have to wait I think.
  10. My Sony NWS705 has been stollen and went into the Manchester Sony Centre to maybe buy an NWA800 and was told that Sony have ended production and something new is coming in september! hmmmm,,,,
  11. No with lithuim ion its best not to fully disscharge it - you will get better battery life if you keep topping it up - ie 55% left.
  12. Shame you never burnt in the UM2's they change drasicly Juli
  13. Juli Im suprised that you find the UM2's too bright - Have you tried using different tips... If you want a dark sound use Westone foams... if you want a bright sound use Shure tips... something in middle Sony tips... experiment. Maybe the 808 is not for you.... try looking at iriver! What compression are you using? Atrac mp3? To be honest I find VBR mp3 better than Atrac as I find theres a nasal quality to the treble that can be a bit harsh. UM2's dont need an amp as they are really sensitive. Amps dont really make much of a differance with them unless you add resistance using an addaptor. Oh the UM2s need burning in - leave them for 24 hours playing semi loud music (slighly above what you feel you normally listen to). You shall notice an improvement. I found mine to be bright and bassless to begin with.
  14. DID I say 15mm x 5 mm??? thats way too small.... try 20mm x 50mm and cut off rest thats not used. You have to stretch the clingfilm over the drivers from the back to front so that the cling flim sticks to the head phonts... 1) place headphone in you left hand and piece of clingfilm in you right 2) hold the headphone as you are looking at the back - as you would see it if someone was looking at the headphone in your ear. 3) put the edge of the clingfilm on this back - on the other side is the funnel where the bud goes in... hold the bit of clingfilm you placed on the back with left thumb to hold it in place. 4) in one movement pull the clingfilm over the front of the unit over the vents and round to the over side - you need a bit of tension on the clingfilm so it will stick - too much or it will rip. You will find it will stick then. You need about 4 layers. If you cant get it to work - you some electrical tape and stick a pin hole in centre hole once finnished. What you think about the UM2? Have you tried them with sony buds yet? DONT US UM2 FOAMS ewwwwww
  15. Juli what headphones are you using with the A808 - if you using stock ones - cover the 3 vents with about four layers of clingfilm then pin prick the centre hole.... you will find things warm up and be less harsh.
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