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  1. No idea, but it be cool if someone could figure it out. Maybe then they could figure out some mods for the thing.
  2. Argh, I saw this thread and thought there'd was hope, but then it sounded like my player (NW-a1200) won't get an update, and now it seems like none are getting an update. It's become impossible for me to transfer music to my player >< FUCK YOU SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Not sure if these have been posted before, but I found these on a Sony website. Sony MP3 NW-A1200 Screensaver n/a for Windows XP/XP MCE Descritpion: This program provides four screensaver files for use with the NW-A1000, NW-A1200, and NW-A3000 Walkman® player with firmware version 3.00. http://www.sony-drivers.com/sony-drivers/S...MCE_71431.shtml
  4. I bought a PS3 a few days ago. Yeah, stay away from the White version. I remember reading the specs for it and was like, "Wait, why doesn't it say anything about SACD?" I checked my black one and it did say SACD, so for whatever reason they musta took out the capability.
  5. I finally bought a PS3, but when I plugged in my Walkman, It could only play the songs. I was hoping I could copy them over
  6. Upload to 3.50, and buy a copy of Luminous. There is a new 3.50 downgrader.
  7. I've got this weird bug with Sonicstage. I'm trying to transfer "The Birthday Massacre" to my player but I keep getting a "Cannot locate files" error However, when I select the songs and hit play, they play perfectly. Any ideas how to fix this?
  8. I've noticed this problem too, but with my NW-A1200. It seems pretty random when it happens.
  9. Cool, I think I'll go with AAC. Recommend any good converters?
  10. So I've recently began converting my library to Atrac3plus but it sounds like I might wanna go with AAC. Which is the best, AAC or ATRAC3?
  11. Try looking here. http://www.partstore.com/Default.aspx
  12. A while back, my NW-A1200 stopped playing in stereo. Sound was only coming out of 1 of the ear buds. "Great..." I'm thinking. "I broke another pair of headphones." After trying with different headphones, I realized it was my player that was messed up. That was a few months ago, and my new NW-A1200 just arrived. Now I haven't opened the new one yet, I had decided to wait until I got a case. (see my other thread). Well seeing as my old player was still half working, I decided I would see what that test mode looked like. Well, I made it in, and the first option I saw was play. Well, I grabbed my earbuds, plugged em in, and hit play. Well wasn't I surprised when it was playing in Stereo. My first thought was "no f-ing way..." After messing around in test mode, I got out and restarted my player. IT WAS STILL WORKING!!! I have no clue how, but somehow entering test mode fixed my player. Now I have another choice. Keep my new player in case this one breaks again, or get my $140 back. I got some thinking ta do. Anyone else have similar stories, or maybe even an explanation?
  13. I'm looking at this remote guide and it makes no mention of the NW-A1200. I'm assuming these remotes will work with it as well, correct? http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1490 Also has anyone tested the RM-MC35ELK to see if the folder navigation will work?
  14. Allright, the second option it is. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. How greats number 2 in falls? I would think the leather one would be better.
  16. I'm trying to decide on a case for my player and I think I wanna get one of these But I'm also thinking of this one. Which do you guys think looks best? And which do you think will provide better protection?
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