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  1. Selling my used ASONWHD001 car headunit adaptor. Used to use it with my MEX-BT5000 car radio and my NW-HD5H and HD3. 50€ plus shipping to any country - I´m located in Germany. PayPal / Bank transfer possible
  2. VGF-AP1L sold! NW-HD1 sold as well! They had a long journey And one thing left is a Sony Ericsson prototype mobile phone. It´s called BeiBei G702. Its a Symbian UIQ Device. Price: 200 EUR + delivery in your country. Germany for free More pictures here: BeiBei G702 Pictures And a youtube video made by me What more can I say about me: I´m located in Stuttgart, Germany. Delivery or pickup worldwide possible, more pictures as well. Types of payment: PayPal (if you come up for fees), Bank Transfer in Europe preferred, MoneyGram. Ebay Account: http://myworld.ebay.de/maresch-se-community
  3. Please let us know if Sony get´s back to you.
  4. Maresch


    Just experimented with my Digicam.. and my HD5H
  5. Maresch


    Ah and now my Collection
  6. Maresch


    Let me show you my HD5H, which i recently got for just 80EUR (20EUR shipping included)! What you think about it?!
  7. Have you tried to use an older version of SonicStage? Uninstall the 4.3 Version and try it with 4.0 or the Version which you got with your player.
  8. Well ok antoher Problem.. MP3FM kills my Playlists everytime i upload music. Would you recommend me to upload with SS or another tool?
  9. I expect the first Flash-Players with 16GB Memory soon. If you look at the first USB-Stick from Corsair... More Memory and longer lasting battery life.
  10. Thanks for the informatión it tried it now with Gym and MP3FM, now its a bit more easier to create Playlists!
  11. Hi there, i got a small Problem with my HD5H. I want to create Folders in my Player but it seems that this is not possible! I used to create folders in my old HD3 which was stolen recently. So it was no Problem to put Tracks wherever i wanted. Now i only can Create Playlists and sort the Tracks by Artist, Album or search by letter, which makes me angry. Cause if i want to put a whole bunch of mixed music on to my player, which is partly not tagged i cant find it that easy as before with my HD3. I´m also able to create Folders in my VAIO Pocket Player. It confuses me everytime if i look for a few a tracks which i want to hear together. Creating Playlists is one solution, which takes to much time. So does anyone have another solution to tide up the mess on my player?
  12. Ok i found a HD5H in France. 60EUR + 20EUR shipping. What a great deal..
  13. Someone has stolen my old red HD3 out of my car! That´s why i´m looking for a new/used one a HD1/HD5/A3000. I bought a AP1L Player for now but the quality of the battery is too low and the Accestime of the HDD takes to long. So if anyone has a one of these players to sell, let pleeease let me know. I´m from Germany so it would be better if you were from Europe. And yes my preferable colour would be Red, Silver or Black.
  14. Hi there, i found a Ebay Store which sells the Connects2 Adapter for 10EUR Check this: http://cgi.ebay.de/AUTODARIO-ADAPTER-FUR-M...VQQcmdZViewItem
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