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  1. Okay, so I lost my image converter disc and I have a new laptop in which I would like to transfer videos on. I managed to download image converter 2, but I am not able to update to 3, which I believe is the only version that my nwa-808 is compatible with. If anyone has any suggestions or is tech savvy enough to burn an iso or img file and send it to me I would be forever grateful. thanks
  2. when I had an ipod I used a program called MP3GAIN. It allowed me to normalize all mp3s so that when I used an equalizer setting on the ipod, there wouldn't be any static or popping. So basically I could have base boost on, max volume without any distortion. I suggest you give it a go!
  3. Well to be honest, I'm really not sure just how "lossless" atrac 3 lossless is compared to FLAC or WAV files. I myself notice a difference when switching between them. On the other hand, I would either go far left or far right on this one. atrac3 64kbps is about as small as it gets for somewhat decent sound quality(while increasing battery life). I think that if you were to use a higher atrac bitrate, it would just take up more space and there wouldn't be enough difference in sound quality to merrit the choice. hope that was somewhat helpful.
  4. Okay, so I basically have narrowed it down to the new cowan iaudios, apple ipod nano 3g 8gb, or that new sony flash player with 16gb... I want to make the best desicion, but I am very hesitant on waiting however long it takes for that new sony DAP to make it's way to the North American or European market. Does anyone have any advice to share?
  5. c0ldr0ses

    A91X new photos

    Oh dear GOD... This is basically what I was waiting for... Sony, 16gb flash, video support, great battery life... any word of when this is comming out in Canada?
  6. I do not know sonicstage has a podcasting feature, (I doubt it), but does anyone have any reccomendations for subscribing to podcasts and d/ling them on the windows platform?
  7. c0ldr0ses


    The thing I see happening, (in my totally expert opinion), is Sony releasing some kind of clone model in the NA and EU, much like the sony NWZ, with basically the same features but maybe slightly different specs and capabilities.
  8. Sonicstage 4.3 works without a hitch on my vista ultimate 32 bit. There may be compatibility issues with vista 64 as with so many other programs out there.
  9. c0ldr0ses

    A91X new photos

    truly beautiful player. I was so close to buying an ipod nano too!
  10. They shouldn't have gotten rid of Veronica Belmont. She was hot. Well, in a really geeky sort of way she was hot.
  11. As far as I know, Sonicstage is the only program you can use. Of course there are other programs out there (winamp plugins, GYM,etc.), but to me there is always going to be an error or some annoyance that comes with using those kinds of programs. Now to the other part of your question, you say that you want to have the best sound quality while transfering your "mp3s". This in itself is sort of a dead end, because if you already have Mp3s, then you have lost a substantial amount of the quality of the actual music file. Sonic stage has the option to rip your cd's in Atrac advanced Lossless, which basically means there is no loss in soud quality, and I have also heard that the file size is significantly less than other high bitrate audio files. Hope this helps
  12. Ive read so many topics either saying, "There will be an update", or "There will not be an update" does anyone have a definitive answer regarding this? Sooooo confusing.
  13. anyone know a timeframe when this update going to come out?
  14. I really do hope that sony releases a firmware update. Doesn't have to be huge, all they have to do is add a simple change to the code to allow a MS product to work. However, if they do not, I may just buy one of those new ipod nanos... which WILL sync with wmp11 via third party plugin....and I really dont want to have to do that :unsure:
  15. Juli, If we did not get the firmware update, then yes, we could still use sonic stage. I think it would be highly irregular for them to go door to door and erase it from peoples hard-drives. But hey, thats sony for you ! If we did get the firmware update, you probly would not be able to use WMP11 and Sonic Stage in conjuntion because I think they have two different database structures that they use for creating libraries. So, you will have to choose to either bear with sonic stage in atrac, or re rip or d/l all your music into mp3.
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