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    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Perhaps this should be but my also actual TREKSTOR cexbrax is much louder than my NW-E003. For me the volume is okay (using i-ear) - perhaps the other have already damaged ears because of the use of non-limited volume up to now? ;o)
  2. Hello! I hope, that I'm right here to enter my problem and hope for solution. I'm german so my english isn't always fine. I've bought a SONY NW-E003 and as I saw that here is a special SW necessary (SonicStage) I wanted to return it but thanks to VoidMP3FM my decision changed. I not used my player very often up to (had more work with searching alternative SW-solutions) now but I noticed no problems like described by other users here (e.g. when moving several directories). I've detected one fault: The showed playing-time is not correct. A song with 7min. is shown as ~3Min. When you playing a track you can see that 1 sec. on the display is really about 2-3 sec. running. The songs are playing complete and in correct speed. Player was already upgraded to V2.1. Many thanks for help or hints!
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