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  1. okay thanks. I got the older nwa-80x series. Goddamn I'm disappointed if this is true. Has anyone actually tried plugging in the older nwa-800 series in to the USB port on a Xbox 360?
  2. I know that ipods work, but does nw-a800 series work? I want to stream music from my mp3 player
  3. thanks again but the it didn't work. The lowest i could go was 2.3 on iTunes. Still didn't work. Could it be that these mp3 files are encoded differently? so that they don't support album art
  4. thanks, but they didn't work i used iTunes and converted the tags to 2.3, still didn't work and in the other thread... I always embed the album art in the mp3 tag with mp3tag. I've tried embedding the arts with sonicstage and iTunes and it still doesn't work. It works with all of the other 1200 mp3 files i've got. Really strange really ...
  5. Some songs refuses to display the coverart even if i've added them in mp3tag/sonicstage/itunes... it just doesn't work. the coverarts are displayed in the albumview, but not when playing the mp3 files. It works on the majority of files. I've tried everything that i know. All of the coverarts are jpg files thanks in advance!
  6. I just bought mine, and I wonder how long I should charge it? A silly question, but I've heard that the quality of the batteryl depends on how long you charge it the first time. Thanks in advance
  7. thank you so much for your answer. Now I'm definitely going to buy one! I'll try downloading it and follow the tutorial now. I'll let you know if it works later
  8. 1. Has anyone tried if Korean song titles are displayed correctly on the European version of this player? 2. Is the volume high enough in the european version? If you compare it to the w810i, is it lower, higher or the same? I've read some reviews and there's been complaints about the volume being to low. 3. If you convert a 700mb avi with the included software, how big does the file become? And does it split the video if it's long? 4. How is the fast forward function when playing longer videos? The 1st question is the most important one, because if it can't display Korean text then I won't have any use for it. because my whole music library is in Korean. Thanks in advance, and I hope that someone can answer this. Or maybe try transferring a Korean song to their players. Please help me
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