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  1. Thanks, otiasj. At least I now know for sure. We can all only be grateful for the work you have done so far, and your dedication and support. Not sure I'm up to modifying the code - my days as a developer are in the dim and distant past.....! I will take a look though.... never say never! Thanks again.
  2. Hi Having just *discovered* Winamp and had problems using it to download music to my NW-A1000 and having read through many threads it would be really helpful if I could have a definitive view on what versions of Winamp are supported by Ml_Sony. I installed Winamp V5.35 (latest on the site) and, while everything appeared ok, Sending Tracks to G:Sony Walkman resulted in absolutely no change in the Sony Walkman pane i.e. no + or M, no additional tracks being shown and no option to *Apply*. In short nothing appeared to have happened. As a result of reading this forum I decided to try Winamp V5.33 and it appears to have worked! (Need to try everything but initial tests seem ok). My question is: what versions do we believe are supported and is there anything I can try to make Winamp V5.35 work? I'm concerned about the *security vulnerability* of V5.33. FYI I'm running XP Home SP2, NW-A1000 with V3.0 firmware. Thanks for anyone's help.
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