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  1. RADiuMOz

    Sony NWS706F

    Yes - I set it to leave the format unchanged, where possible. Yes - I looked at the files using Windows Explorer. The files are converted - whether they are still in mp3, but are encapsulated in some other type of wrapper, they are still converted. They still appear to remain mp3 format inside, as the player shows them playing as mp3s, so that's fine. Just seems odd that SS / player (driver) has to change things around.
  2. RADiuMOz

    Sony NWS706F

    Hmm, it's strange though - why does the file change, when it appears on the player? I agree, it shows the file as being an mp3 (I discovered this after the post), but when you compare the files with a Hex Editor, you'll see they're different. Sort of like the OMG file type is the original file, with some additional information (or the header is just changed?) I already have an NW-S706F, so there's no chance of getting something different, now. I would have done more research before getting this - but to be honest, I never expected this sort of inconvenience from a Sony How naive, huh?
  3. I forgot to follow those steps, and just ran SWEx It transferred an mp3, but converted to OMG. Played fine, though. Does following the above steps, mean that the file will remain in mp3 format? I'd like to find out before I try (and possibly nuke something )
  4. RADiuMOz


    Is there any source code for this, by chance? I've had an NW-S706F for a day, now - and really can't stand the SonicStage software, plus I just want to transfer my mp3s as mp3s, and SonicStage seems to refuse to do that (and converts to Atrac). The app looks like it's written in C / C++ using MFC (looks like one of the old example apps which came with Visual Studio, pre .Net. Any information I could find about it (or the file structure/format on the NW-S706F) would be great, thanks. Cheers, Richard.
  5. RADiuMOz

    Sony NWS706F

    Hi everyone, I just bought a NW-S706F and can't seem to transfer mp3s to it. They're continually converted to ATRAC, despite me setting the option to leave as original format. What gives? Do you HAVE to use the SonicStage (came with 4.2, I have 4.3) software to transfer files? I've looked at the file structure on the player (which is how I know the files are in Atrac format, "OMA" extension, plus they differ when compared with a Hex Editor to the original mp3 files, and realise it has an internal database, has the music. I was hoping I could just transfer mp3s straight to the player, from Windows Explorer, and they work straight away, rather than take a long time to convert to Atrac, just to play them. Hope this doesn't sound like a whinge, just surprised Sony would make such a nice player, but have such terrible software (SonicStage) to go with it. Thanks, Richard.
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