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  1. asdw

    No display on A1000

    Hello. My display have suddenly stopped working. I use a sony NW-a1000. I can turn it on, and listen to music. But i cant see anything on the display. Its just dark, like it would be turn off. But the buttons have some light.. I really got no clue what to do..Could it be some wire inside that are sitting loose.. And if it got something to do with that, how do i open it. I understand it got something to do with that screw, but how to i screw it up.. Please help, asdw
  2. asdw

    Annoying problem

    I know its not tottaly right to creat a thread when there is a thread for this purpose. But im in a rush, im going away on my holiday tomorrow. Hope you understand. Winamp 5.33 NWA 1000 I put ml_sony in the plugin folder. I delete everything in my walkman, than i create the OMGAUDIO folder and put the nocode.txt and 04CNTINF.DAT in there. I use my old 04CNTINF.DAT which comes from the other OMGAUDIO folder that i just deleted. Or should 04CNTINF.DAT contain any data? It is 704bytes btw. Now i run winamp, select a random song - sendto - device M; walkman. Then i check under devices in winamp and i cant find a apply button. Did something wrong, need other software.. Well, you tell me..
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