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  1. Is it possible to generate or save the playlist from sonicstage library. I don't want to back up the songs just make a playlist. Also is it possible to have the list re-generate or refresh itself. I want to do this because i shifted folders of a bunch of songs. I'm looking for a way for sonicstage to scan my folders again and reconnect the songs. Is there such an option? what are the differences between sonicstage europe, us, asian pacific, etc.. any benefits in terms of options, functionality or just the sony online store thingy which i don't care about. thanks in advance
  2. I have just recently put mp3file manager on my hd3 player. The program opens fine..well almost. a small error windows pops up saying, "cannot select driv" after a few ok, ok, ok the programs starts with it's instructions window. I close that and everything seems fine. My songs in the drive appear as they should. However my problem is that when i try dragging a song(any song) from my computer to the drive it shows me another message with an unsuccessful transfer, "Transfer interrupted. Some files may have not been transferred!" That's as far as the program works for me. Does anyone have any advice? hd3 windows sp2 sonic stage 3.3 my goal is to be able to transfer files without having to convert them into atrack. i'm also keeping on eye on Gym and it's progression, but meanwhile i really want to get mp3file manager to work. thanks in advance and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've asked this questions numerous times but no one could give me a specific reply yet they states it simply works. How can i get the mp3file manager to install on my hd3 walkman. People claim it's duable. When i try installing it the software can't recognize any removable audio devices on my computer. Is there a way to to get it to work? What i really want to do is be able to upload mp3 without having sonic or viao software convert them to atrac. I don't mind the sony copy protection but it takes a long longer to have to convert them. I hope someone can help me with this. thanks in advance
  4. Thanks very much for the reply. I have tried installing mp3 file manger 2 on the HD3 from my computer hard drive and even from the player. Whenever it seemed like it installed it still wouldn't recognize that i have a player connected. To answer your questions i do have .dat files in the omg directory. What do you have in mind? thanks and any help would be appreciated.
  5. I installed the mp3 filemanager but it won't recognize my HD3 player. Does it not support it? Any suggestions if i'm doing something wrong. Thanks very much
  6. Does anyone know how to get the mp3 file manager to work with hd3 player?
  7. mp3 file manager is still unamble to find the hd3. I tried installing it while ss was running and then again when it wasn't. At both times the software showed that no protable device is found. does anyone know a fix to this or have actually got it to work with the hd3 walkman?
  8. I just tried instaling mp3 file manager and it can't find a player. Any ideas to make it recognize it. I turned off ss and left the player connected.
  9. The list of the supported players is posted on the download page and there is no mention of hd3. Driver & MP3 File Manager Ver.2.0 Installer for the Network Walkman NW-E103/E105/E107/E403/E405/E407/E503/E505/E507 but i will install and see what happens.
  10. I forgot to mention that i have hd3 walkman. Sony filemanager doesn't seem to support it. If you think or know otherwise let me know if i should still install it and use with hd3 thanks again
  11. Is there a good chance that your program will be able to aslo upload mp3s and possibly without conversion? i'm trying to find a website, forum, or even a straight download link to the Mp3file Manager program everyone here is talking about. could anyone post it
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