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  1. madleet3

    A91X new photos

    looks uber sweet duno its got FM tuner too
  2. madleet3

    Sony S71x

    i wonder if this new sony mp3 support atrac too even when they say no more SS
  3. this new sony player got FM? i wonder if sony upcoming player got FM too
  4. do this model mp3 player from sony stil need SS or connect s/w to transfer mp3s? or its a direct usb to mp3 transfer?
  5. madleet3

    NW-E015 UK Review

    i got the old sony mp3 player pic same as my avatar compare to his new E series Sounds volume is louder i can say but Sound quality on mp3 is sound better on E series but its Fm is not as good as my old sony mp3
  6. from asia anyone knows how to upload demo games and install firmwares?
  7. how to install new firmware and how to know which firmware is for my psp is there any legions? and how to install demos games on psp? thx
  8. any one got the FM version of this model? how is the FM SQ and reception?
  9. aww FM is weaker actually i wna buy this one for mp3 ripping from my old MD's well i need to put tis off hope SONy newer mp3 c/w FM is better on it reception
  10. dont u feels this new sony mp3 FM is not as good as its older series?
  11. oh Stuge also got ti will u get the line-in cable? i am curious if after u record from line-in the files atrac lossy can be transfer to another player like older model to play or its only 706 can be plaued?
  12. oh thx ANGRYBADGER again btw did anyone try the record on line-in after u transfer to pC and can u copy to anthoer atrac player like a MD or another SONy mp3 player? will it accept it or its locked to the particular player?
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