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  1. I'm sure you've found it by now, but for those that are still looking, the URL is: http://www.drvoid.com/voidMP3FMinstall.exe The exe linked from the downloads is an update of the actual file manager executable that the installer writes to the USB device. Just download it, and after you've run the install, copy it over the original voidMP3FM.exe.
  2. I have noticed this too, using NW-E015F.
  3. Void works on NW-E015F. I'm listening to it now. It also works with WINE on Linux (although I've found I have to manually mount the flash drive, cd into the folder, and start the voidmp3fm.exe file from the commandline). In windows, of course, it works fine. I should point out that there are scant instructions on the drvoid.com website. First, there was no link provided to voidMP3FMinstall.exe (http://www.drvoid.com/voidMP3FMinstall.exe). Second, it took me a while to realize that the voidMP3FM.exe had to actually be executed from the root folder of the USB drive itself (I eventually figured this out after running voidMP3FMinstall.exe). Maybe these instructions are buried in a forum somewhere, but I only pieced things together after a drawn out process of googling and trial and error. The forum for drvoid.com is also overrun with spam, so it's damn hard to get anything useful/current out of it.
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