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  1. The title says it all really. Sony style website says mid-September, amazon had it down as yesterday and it's now listed as available (not pre-order) but in 1-2months, and play has it down as in another few weeks. Anyone know when exactly.. particularly from sonystyle?
  2. Hi, It's definitely not the files. It sometimes does it on a track and other times not, and not always at the same point. I'm finding it really frustrating as now i know it's there even if i'm not thinking about it i still hear it jumping... Well it's going back today for a refund i think.
  3. Hi, I have a NWA808 video walkman. I use AAC files encoded in itunes (128kbps) and quite regularly the player will skip a fraction of a second of a song, typically about 7 or 8 seconds into the song, but it can happen at anytime, for example a couple of seconds after viewing the album art of the song playing. It seems to only happen with AAC files, not the few mp3s i have on it, and doesn't happen on every song. It's hard to describe, but it's a noticable jitter in the song playing. A bit like a personal cd player jumping when knocked. I'm suprised to find no-one else has this problem as it would seem to be more like a problem with the way the player handles aac files as opposed to my unit being faulty, but you never know. PS. It's running the 1.02 firmware. I hope someome else can confirm/dismiss this problem as i need to decide whether to get a refund or a replacement.
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