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  1. Stuge, i thank you very much for the great review... and i want to ask a question.. Which ones volume is higher? a3000 or s700 ? (a3000 volume limiter disablED)
  2. You are full of information.. thanks again for the detailed information... (but cant undrstand whole) i would like to hear from your more.....
  3. Could you give the dsp and dac chips of these players too? (Iriver 1x0 / 3x0 & Cowon iAudio M3/M5, X5 Thanks...
  4. Razorback

    Sony A series HDDs

    did i understand right??? what is the point for using a processor with support for color screen video and picture abilities and then producing a monochrome screen mp3 player???
  5. What is a3000's sound processor? i would like to know about the tech specs of the sound chip which is used in a3000/1000 Thanks...
  6. Hi guys... There is a new version of MDR-ED21LP, the MDR-ED41LP... Do you know anything about the MDR-ED41LP??? Thankss...
  7. just a friend of mine is going to usa and wanted from me to find a place to buy the clear case... could you tell me anywhere else to buy the clear case for a3000? i mean internet purchasing site...
  8. whenever i enter the atraclife.com and any linking page sourced byr atraclife, i get a alert from my kaspersky internet security software... here are the screenshots related to this problem... but the attacking url isnt the atraclife... but attack occurs when i enter the atraclife or click any links in atraclife...
  9. I thinh they didnt test the sscp4 in song tranfering... hahahahaha... retarded sony coders...
  10. Nick Van Howen and Beethovenian yes yes yes yes... i agree with you guys... this must be fixed immediately now i am retuning to the CP...
  11. Are there any way to connect A3000 to ps2 like a memorycard or a hdd from usb?? and can we transfer the data in the memory card to A3000???
  12. Razorback


    Will there be ClearType Antialiasing for sonicstage cp 4??
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