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  1. Somewhere in the property-area from winamp.exe, you can change the rights and configure it to always run with administratorrights. Good luck! ml_sony is 100times better dan SS.
  2. Toodlesnot


    Hello everyone, to make the plugin working with Vista make sure that you open winamp with administrator-rights. In Vista that was my problem with the plugin. For XP-pro I still don't know what the problem is. 1.0.3 works fine, but 1.0.4 isn't even find as an plugin by winamp. Someone encountered the same problem? And last question: is there anyone with an s70x that can use the playlist option from the new 1.0.4 plugin? With mine it won't work properly. At last: Otiasj: thank you very much!
  3. Toodlesnot


    It did try it with a newly formatted device. Winamp won't even start with the 1.0.4, neither in Vista and XP With the winamp 5.33 and the old plugin it works fine in XP but not in Vista. In XP, winamp 5.33 and 1.0.4: - winamp do startup, but it won't find the plugin. When I go to the option menu/plugin, than it won't find ml_sony. I hope this information is useful. Do you know if there are s70x users who get the new plugin working? Do you know if there are Vista users who get the plugin working?
  4. Toodlesnot


    what is not working? ...winamp won't work after installing the plugin what is happening? ...it says it won't start because of a problem and it will search for a solution are you sure you set everything correctly? ...yes I installed inamp 5.35 and put the plugin in the plugin directory how did you test this? ... on Vista Ultimate on a desktop-pc and maybe some useful additional information. The old version never worked on my vista interface, but it did work on my XP-setup. Whe n I do exactly the same in xp-pro as decribed above, the same problem appears as in vista. (1.0.4 and 5.35)
  5. Toodlesnot


    Hi Otiasj, your plugin is great. It makes the sony players the best on earth! I have an s703f and with XP-pro and winamp 5.33 can i get the 1.0.3 version to work. The new version won't work. Not on vista with neither 5.33 and 5.35 and not on XP-pro with both winamp versions. I hope it is helpful for you that i post this bug. kind regards, Steven
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