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  1. Files that I have recently transfered onto my NW-HD5 device via Sonicstage version 3.1 have played back with a strange distortion. The soundtrack is there but I can hear a kind of distorted noise in the back ground every second or so. I think i am using the wrong usb cable as i see sony reccomend only using the one supplied with the device. Don't know if this could be the issue. The files sound fine when played prior to transfer from my pc. I have tried to download 4.3 but it wont let me because of my internet settings. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. When I try to download Sonicstage 4.3 I get the following error message Data was unable to be retrieved from the server. Please check your internety connection and try again. (21000) I am using BT Business Hub, the firewall on my PC has been disabled and I'm on windows XP SP2. Anyone have any ideas.
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