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    SOLVED THE PROBLEM OF WINAMP 5.35 NOT DETECTING v1.04 on ml_sony i installed the microsoft C++ runtime, then framework (1.1,2.0 and 3.0) for another program then tested winamp after realizing on of these could of been the reason and it was!
  2. tried that, dont like it at all. but thanks.
  3. I also am having the problem of loading winamp w/ the 1.04 version. on my windows xp install ive had for a while winamp 5.32 and 1.03 ml_sony and it worked, then that lovely day when 1.04 was released i updated both the plugin and winamp to 5.35 and it worked flawlessly! however i now have a new problem, I currently just made the switch over from windows to linux. and the linux options for sonicstage and sony walkmans is garbage. so i went on and created a virtual machine for windows xp really for the main purpose to install winamp and use your plugin. This is a fresh install of windows XP (same disc i used for my old install of windows) w/ the newest verison of winamp pro, full install w/ Media library I loaded version 1.04 in the plugins folder yet nothing shows up in winamp preferences when i connect the player (and it gets a drive letter in my computer in the virtual machine) nothing shows up in winamp i then load version 1.03 dll in plugins the plugin itself loads and winamp detects the player, however it doesnt work because its winamp 5.35 any ideas at all on how i can load 1.04? is there some other software that i happened to have installed on my old XP install that isnt on this fresh install? updates maybe? thanks alot!
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