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  1. Just few word to say that a bug is present on version 0.3.0a2 : MP3 files encoded with VBR method just can't be transfered. To wait version 0.3.0a3 or 0.3.0b (don't know yet what I gonna do), just browse the SVN repository where I regularly build JSymphonic from the last sources. Builds in the repository are numbered with the date. Please note that the bug described here has been corrected in version 20090414 (today...) From version 0.3.0a2, this can be done in the preference window, "Transfer" tab, "Tag utilization" field, just select "Never read tags". In next version, you'll be able to set your own scheme to tell JSymphonic how to guess the artist, album... names. Not sure to understand what you are asking... You can change the "view" of the titles in the device. You can also filter the list to search something precise. Isn't it enough ? Really ? What version of JSymphonic are you using ? This should have been corrected. Well, problem won't occure anymore if you are not reading tags...
  2. First of all, a new version has been released on Christmas (v0.3.0a1), please get it from the Sourceforge download page. The amarok plugin is not ready yet (don't expect it in the following weeks, the developer in charge of it is currently taking a break...) Files on a Walkman are OMA files (which could wrap WMA, MP3, AAC...), anyway, they have EA3 tag (Sony's Tag) which are not standard. To have better info on amaroK, you should have EA3 tag support on amaroK.... which I think is not planned by amaroK team.... NW-A3000 is supported and you won't have to format anything. But, once you have used JSymphonic, you won't be able to use SonicStage anymore. However, JSymphonic creates a backup of your database, so it shouldn't be difficult to reverse changes. Jester_Racer, you faced a known bug of version 0.2.1a corrected in version 0.3.0a1.
  3. Sorry for not responding earlier... I'm not often here... Don't hesitate to post on the sourceforge forum, or to send me direct e-mail. heinlich -> the support of covers is our next target for futur release (version 0.3.0 is about to be released and will not support cover). Concerning the simple mode, to not have that, I need to make a lot a reverse-engineering to understand how it work. I will, but I can't do all that stuffs in the same time. So it's planned, and I hope it will be available soon. But don't expect it within the next weeks ! Jester_Racer -> good for you, but wait until version 0.3.0, it will be better (should be released for christmas)
  4. farcus -> the amaroK plugin is under development (we also are developing a Sony Library in C++ to be use in amaroK). It is not ready yet, you'll have to wait some months. amaroK can't read meta-info from titles from walkman because sony doesn't use ID3tag (like MP3) but EA3 tag (Sony's inside). If someone implement EA3 tag reading ability in amaroK, you could have meta-info... but I don't thing someone is going to do so... anyway, once the amaroK plugin will be ready, you won't need that anymore fcadete -> yes, it is working. If you don't want to loose your music, you better have making a backup before testing (save the OMGAUDIO folder, and if it is too big, at least save the database files, i.e. all the files/folders in OMGAUDIO expect 10Fxx folders which contain the music files). You shouldn't have to format... expect if you have the same trouble as Jester_Racer, read next to understand: Jester_Racer -> one or several titles from your player are not readable by JSymphonic, so it freezes.... (this will be corrected in the next release) you can try to find which titles causes the problem (in OMGAUDIO/10Fxx folders) or you can erase the OMGAUDIO folder and create a new empty one.
  5. Just D -> oops ! sorry, I didn't see your message (in case of urgent trouble, I can be joined by e-mail: nicolas_cardoso <at> users.sourceforge.net). It appears that you don't have the key file DvID.dat on your player. Please consult the READ ME and in case of trouble, let me know. Users having the same walkman as yours already told me that it is working with JSymphonic. Concerning the tricks in NWGeneric#addFileToDevice, it is the way Sony encrypt files, using constants, a key (owned by the player) and the ID of the title in the database... This code is from ml_sony plugin, maybe it is documented on ml_sony project, but I didn't write anything in JSymphonic documentation. obi wan kenobi -> well, a lot actually ! OMA support is still in alpha for old generations, and it doesn't seem to be working right now BUT transcode feature is quite ready to be released in alpha version ! GUI code and internal code has been improved. Playlist support development has started and cover support development will be started soon I think ! Lots of think in the svn, but nothing sufficently over to lead to a new alpha version. But I wish that a new alpha will arrive soon ! See you !
  6. New alpha version has been released: 0.2.1alpha Adding OMA files support, compatibility with MacOS, french translation. Download here: sourceforge download page
  7. A new version of JSymphonic has been released, version 0.2beta. Here is the page for the download on Sourceforge. This version correct some bugs and add a intersting feature for many of you, it supports NW-HD5 and other "old" players that weren't working with version 0.1.1. Please consult the READ ME in the archive to have precision.
  8. Magnum, James23 & obi wan kenobi, thank you for using JSymphonic ! I'm glad you like it. Development is still on, and new features are coming ! frankcelis : the best thing to do is to format the walkman directly from the walkman itself (using the menu,... ...). Start by make it works with SonicStage, and once everything runs OK, try JSymphonic.
  9. Hi everybody !! As you may know, development of "NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager" is now over. Symphonic is a project which replace it. I'm a developper in that project, and as Patrick is taking a break, I will introduce it to you ! Symphonic is a project around Sony device working with ML_sony to provide a library to communicate with Sony device. Symphonic has two main goal for the moment : JSymphonic (replacing NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager)an amaroK plugin (amaroK is powerful linux jukebox)I've released yesterday the first beta version of JSymphonic. Please note that some features from NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager are not yet implemented in JSymphonic. To download it directly, you can click here. To visit our page on SourceForge, click here. French people, you can visit generationmp3.com. I will not answer the last question you had here for two reason : 1) I advise you to use JSymphonic 2) I didn't code anything on NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager, so I can't really help you. Enjoy !!
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