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  1. i've tried it and it didn't help.. suddenly it shuts down without even going to the blinking indicator... thx anyway. any help? im considering buying a new battery.. is it true that i can just buy sony ericsson batt?
  2. hi guys, another problem with my HD5 which is the battery.... basically it runs out much faster dan usual, sometimes dropping from half to "low battery" all of a sudden which is basically auto-shutdown for my player. usually right after charging the indicator is full, then running down to 3/4 VERY quickly. then it can jump very fast to the lower indicators as well. sometimes it alternates between half and 1/4. another strange nature that it SEEMS as if the player have trouble calculating and displaying the indicator- sometimes it says low battery and shuts down, but when i 'soft reset' by taking out the battery and re-inserting it again, it managed to run for another hour. then, sometimes this soft resetting helps, sometimes it doesn't. is the problem in the battery itself, or is it my player? (regarding my impression that it misreads/ miscalculates the battery) i was about to buy a new battery but it will help me only if it is confirmed that the problem is in the battery.
  3. I love it too much lol. and i need bigger than 16GB anyway. yes, flash is very durable i know. but i like everything about my HD5, and i prefer the short compact kinda thing instead of the tall slim with big screens (the trend nowadays-video, i dont need video) yeah still the last thing on my list is getting the A820 though.
  4. Hi guys, basically I've owned this brilliant piece of DAP for years, and it's been a bit problematic recently: - cosmetically the top panel is now very dirty and corroded; but no problems whatsoever aside from the jack being a bit troublesome and the hatch (hiding the mini USB jack and the DC input) can't be closed shut. - then some bruises from freefall - then you know that the battery hatch involves a sharp needle to open it, right? well I don't need it to do it anymore, the mechanism is broken - internally, I think it has been contaminated by virus at least once, moment I haven't formatted yet because I wanted to preserve the files inside. Then, sometimes it would stuck/ stopped playing by itself and some rattles from inside can be heard- which is clearly a HDD problem. oh, and sometimes it keeps playing a track but with no sound. so i went to the sony service center. then they said that basically my player's HDD is unstable. If I want to get everything fixed, it would cost me something like US$180. Which is almost the cost of the player itself when I bought it. Then, if I decided to get it cosmetically repaired only, it would cost around US$80. And if I decided to get only the HDD repaired, it would be *gasp* US$100. I am leaning towards the HDD repair as of now, but then again- I dont know how broken is my HDD, how is "unstable" gonna affect me later on. Is it a safe investment to install a brand new HDD? My other concern is because some people manage to even replace their 20GB HDD with larger ones- is that difficult to achieve? Some even said that HD5 is among the easiest to mod- can you guys please explain this to me? Is my HD5 worth my persistence? For me it is the best player ever, bar none. I mean, with US$180 I might as well get a brand new player... *sigh* thx in advance for the help, guys.
  5. can somebody help me on this? this message appears during the part in which GYM match the coded file with the original file. it always stops at the same point in the progress bar and then this message will appear, prompting you to continue, retry, or cancel. my beloved HD5 only has GYM in the playlist now when I disconnected it.. noo.. I don't want the file retrieving to fail! pls help!!
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