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  1. Well, it's over I officially gave up trying to fix my player Sony's repair service won't fix it since it was not sold through Sony Brasil (even though these players aren't sold by Sony Brasil) and an 'unofficial' repair store can't help much since they can't find player's parts in order to mend it. So, maybe I shoud've bought an iPod
  2. Thanks Stuge, but I'm not worried at all with the price. The main problem is that I don't believe I can find ANY place here in Brazil which could fix it for me, since Sony players are not sold oficially. Anyway, I'll look for some Sony repair services and check if any of them can change the conector for me.
  3. Rodrigão

    Defective NW-S706F

    Hello people! I have a problem with my S706F phone jack and I'm wondering whether anyone here had the same problem or not... I bought my S706 about 8 months ago. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't sell officially ANY of their portable players, so I got mine 'unnoficially' (shame on me!). Everything was running ok until few days ago, when I noticed that my earbuds where failing briefly. Well, after checking everything possible, it turned out to be a problem with player's phone jack. After 8 months of intensive use, the phone jack got quite loose and now the earbuds jack (either supplied NC sony headphones or any other ordinary phone) can't fix properly into player's jack. I can't send it to an authorized repair store simply because there's no support for this kind of player here in Brazil. Can anyone explain me how to disasseble my player in order to try to fix it ? thanks in advance, Rodrigo
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