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  1. * Pictorial updated (added 2nd variation of Music Jack gift box)
  2. Thanks! Yes, it is a very, very dark blue in fact. It does have a brushed metal effect, metal front plate, the same as the silver, but under the very bright light of the light tent it appears "flatter".
  3. Victor MD | Victor XM-B22PA (Blue) And now, the blue version to go along with the silver B22P.
  4. Students of The Little Disc | Custom MD 30th Anniversary Discs These discs come courtesy of @JayTilston and are a custom overprint over the Sony Professional, Sony 2nd Series ES and Sony MDW80T discs.
  5. * Pictorial updated with 60 minute version
  6. Looks great! Is that laser etched? I have a feeling I saw these somewhere on Facebook.. Maybe the person that created them posted a sample.. 🤔
  7. I have some unwrapped ones of each colour, but I had been looking for a sealed yellow for quite a long time
  8. * Pictorial updated to include recently acquired yellow (finally!)
  9. Hey everyone! Looks like you are all busy stockpiling blanks! Nice!
  10. That's right (on both counts) - they did nothing in 2012 and the E75 was just 20th anniversary of Walkman in general.
  11. The 3 pack was just for reference to show where the logo came from - that's an original Sony one from 2002 🙂
  12. I use the orange Vapex ones, bought a couple new off of Amazon / Vapex direct and they seem to work really well for me in all my units.
  13. One of my friends / admins on the Facebook group for blank MD collectors (Students of The Little Disc) is in the process of taking final orders for some custom overprinted discs he is making / selling for the 30th anniversary. I can put you in touch (the logo is an adaptation of Sony's 10th anniversary logo).
  14. That is quite a big box isn't it?
  15. Same here - I am forced to use Edge. Chrome doesn't let me in. I believe it's an issue with the certificate.
  16. They were relatively common in Japan - there were a whole bunch that came out at the same time in the later years of MD (2004/05). I can't remember in what order exactly: The XM-B22P / XM-C11 / XM-C17 are all pretty similar - the rear of the units is identical. There are some differences in the supplied remotes, the C-17 has the one with a slightly larger display. Not 100% sure on the internals. Then there was the XM-C31 which has a kind of ceramic patterned tiled lid. The XM-S51 from 2004 has a built in speaker on the back. Plus there was a similar era Hello Kitty variant as well I seem to recall. I think the C17 and the C31, and the S51 as well all have the "Karaoke" function that supposedly blocks out the vocals during playback so that you can sing along.. I'll test that when I get my C-17. The Group function is present. That's standard in MDLP across all manufacturers I think. The rest of the functionaliy is fairly basic, random play, single track repeat, group repeat, random, random shuffle inside a group. It has a sleep timer / alarm function as well.
  17. Thanks! Bit of both! The front plate is metal (I presume aluminium), the rest is plastic
  18. Your wish is my command sir! Please refer to this newly created topic 😊
  19. Victor MD | Victor XM-B22P (Silver) A great little player only unit. MDLP, with wonderful sound quality and outstanding battery life. One small detail that I like is that the traditional furry pouch has a separate internal pocket to hold the remote when it's connected to the unit. The standard accessories included are: 1-Line, blue backlit remote Charging Stand Carrying pouch Earbuds Gumstick battery (I use a Vapex instead of the now dead original Victor one) AA Battery Attachment (sidecar) AC Adaptor (100v) - this unit like many Victors has a quick charge feature, (a full charge takes around 3 hours) Simple fold out manual and guarantee information
  20. I have the very similar XM-B22P as well and I have been so impressed with it. The sound quality is very, very good, and the battery lasts an absolute eternity in these things.
  21. I'm always buying MD stuff.. 🤣 Actually this last one was 37 CD's and the 10 Pack box of Axia J'z I posted in the pictorials the other day. I do have another Victor player arriving soon - an XM-C17. Prior to Christmas I did have various blanks arrive and a few small Daiso storage boxes.
  22. Just checked and the threshold should be £135 / 20,000 yen (at current exchange rates). My package last week was the equiavlent of about 170 GBP so that explains the VAT charge.
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