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  1. ceres, thanks for the MTP --> UMS tip. If the Walkman is in UMS mode, would the Walkman's total, used, and free memory information be visible in Windows Explorer? juli, my previous player was the Samsung Z5. The advantages the Z5 had over the A728 are an all-metal body, free/used memory information on the player, MANY firmware upgrades, and OTG playlists (via a firmware upgrade). The A728's comparative advantages vs. the Samsung Z5 are that the A728 is significantly bigger, has a MUCH nicer and larger screen, MUCH better menu system, MUCH better soundstage, more elegant look (especially the black version), max volume setting, and tons of other features that the Z5 lacks. I think Samsung is heading in the wrong direction and I dislike all their new players for various reasons - T10, S5, P2. Sony, IMHO, is heading in the right direction, albeit slowly. General observations after using the A728 for a week: it's a great player. Yes, the A81X is all-metal but I prefer the larger size of the A728 - I think it looks more refined and elegant and it's got a bigger screen (the menus are larger than that of the A81X, a noticeable improvement). Sony had no choice but to keep changing MP3 player designs, from generation to generation, because it was way behind Apple, design/style-wise. Trial and error. Sony's catching up. From this point forward, I suspect Sony will make refinements in future generations of its MP3 players because huge changes are no longer necessary. These players look great. Sony SHOULD have made the A72X/A82X with an all-metal body and the plastic HOLD button has a very cheap and flimsy feel. Even so, overall build quality seems good. No need for future Sony players to have major design changes - just needed refinements. The firmware upgrade capability is built into the A72X/A82X series, so Sony should make use of it. If anyone from Sony's Walkman department is reading this, here's what should be included in a A72X/A82X firmware upgrade, in priority order: OTG playlistsprovide two fast-forward speeds (add a new "very fast" speed in addition to the current "fast" speed - there are multiple speeds for viewing videos, why not for music?)add available/used memory information to the player on the "Unit Information" screenadd a "5 second" option to the "Screensaver Timing" menuAll of these features should be easy to add in a firmware upgrade.
  2. Right - it doesn't have OTG playlists. Maybe in a future firmware upgrade?
  3. Let's discuss Sony Walkman A72X and A82X features here. Ask questions, provide answers, and share tips regarding this player. I'll get the ball rolling by saying the A728 is a great player. Much better soundstage than in my previous MP3 player. The menu system is very well-organized and easy-to-use. I've discovered some missing features but I hope Sony quickly addresses these by providing a firmware upgrade that adds the following features: On-the-go (OTG) playlistsFlash memory information ("Total Memory," "Used Memory," and "Free Memory") on the player's "Unit Information" screenTwo speeds for fast-forwarding through a track (fast, and very fast) - currently, there's only the slower speed A "5 second" option on the "Screensaver Timing" menu (to save battery power) - currently, "15 seconds" is the smallest timeout option
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