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    Sony MDR-SA1000, is this a good one? If someone has this one, can he please take a picture when he wears it? Cause it has a pretty weird design.
  2. Jeroen_HD


    Hi, Today I was looking in the stores for a new headphone but I didn't really found something for a decent price. Then I seen some pretty cool headphones, Skullcandy. Is this a good brand? Cause the price is pretty decent. Jeroen_HD
  3. I really love the design of that iPod touch. I'm in love with the touch screen and the supercool animations. But the SQ of the Walkmans from Sony is just way better.
  4. I also think the A800 series have some kind of metal case. They feel very "metal-cold" when you leave them. Now, I can really use some more gigabytes for my music but I'll use my A818 maybe then Sony has a 20Gb flash version
  5. Well, that changes everything offcourse I'll just stay with the A818.
  6. I only use it for music. Then I'll just keep my 818 ^^ THanks for the info guys.
  7. And is it worth the price to buy the new one when my 818 still works fine?
  8. Sorry for the typo. For the new one I meant to say NWZ-A829. And the NWZ-A818 I have about 1 year, a bit less.
  9. Hi, I'm new here so if this topic is at the wrong place. Sorry. I had a question. About 1 year ago I bought myself a Sony NWZ-A818. I love this device but now I see that there is a new one, the NWZ-A818. Is it worth to buy that one or are they just the same? Greetz, Jeroen
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