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  1. This morning, just for the hell of it, I tried pressing Play again. Amazingly, the screen lit-up, the starting animation played, and it started playing the track I'd last listened to! Within 5 seconds I got the battery low warning and it turned off, so I've left it on the charger I'm surprised it started working after a week of being dead... I thought any rogue moisture would have evaporated after 2-3 days max Fingers crossed it still charges fully and hasn't developed any intermittent faults I am definitely going to buy a protective case now, as I now know that I don't want to lose/break the thing
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check them out! If they're not ATRAC devices, then they'll need more storage space per tune, right? (ATRAC files are much smaller than MP3) Thanks I was wondering if there's any reason I shouldn't unscrew the case and have a look inside, then just throw it in the bin?
  3. Slight back-story - years ago I bought an NW-HD3 and was perfectly happy with it, until one day it got nicked. When I went to get a replacement, I found that newer models were cheaper. Plus if I got another HD3 I'd maybe have to wait a month to send it to Sony for the wiring fix. So I got an A3000 instead. So a couple of weeks ago I got caught in a bad spring shower walking home, and the A3000 got soaked. It wouldn't turn on, so I gave it a couple of days to dry out. No joy, won't turn on, won't charge (i.e. the light on the charger connector remains unlit) and nothing happens when its connected to the PC What are my options before throwing it in the bin? Replacement batteries seem easy to find and install, but might not fix player. I'm thinking of getting a different player Sony Walkman player off eBay, but I dunno which one. I'd want something cheap, because I'll probably lose/break it after a couple years, and I never used close to the 20GB anyway Thanks
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