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  1. The Orphanage awesome...
  2. suso

    Which LCD remote...

    I had a 38EL for my HD3 but it didin't show the info on the screen. now i have a 35ELK and it does the 40ELK is more expensive also
  3. suso

    Mp3 vs. ATRAC3

    -why do you guys spend all that time and energy seeking for the optimal bitrate and stuff to rip your music?? do you really have that great stereo systems at home so you can REALLY enjoy and appreciate a 320 kbps mp3?? and i'm not talking just about a genezi sound system... I have my music just in the bitrate they come (if I download), and if I rip, I use 128 or 192 kbps, nothing more is necessary -as far as I have tried on my HD3, ATRAC @ 105 kbps files sound as good as a 112 kbps mp3 or so. and the ATRAC @ 66 kbps sounds like a 64 kbps mp3. Haven't tried the ATRAC3+ @64 kbps... shouldn't be better than the ATRAC @105 , isn't it? anyway, for me it's ok, I use the player 90% of the time while walking on the street, on the bus or on the subway, so I don't need any superb quality and I don't waste my time con testing the different bitrates and bla bla
  4. ahm... it won't take that long to convert 20 gb of mp3 into atrac3.... my computer is old enough and it only has usb 1.1 port, so it really takes a hell long to transfer music. anyway, you can transfer directly your mp3 files to the player, with no need to convert them. of course, you will miss what is for me the strongest pro of the sony players: the fact that an atrac3 file can be compressed at about 60% the size of the mp3 (at 105 kbps)
  5. but does the hd3 use a different type of HDD than the hd5? i've searched in some manuals, but no info appears...
  6. well, finally i was forced to stay with the 4.3 version (and yes, I had to format my player). and now I have the same f··$%·$%$·% problem which I had previously: the atrac device window on SS can't have the albums sorted!!! the are sorted just by transfer date, and I can't manage to sort them by name. is there any way to fix this ridiculous problem?? (during these days i've strongly thought about selling my hd3 and buying an ipod... or any other that works with software designed with the brain and not with the ass)
  7. I have tried only atrac3plus @105 and @64, and the difference is outstanding. while listening to tracks coded at 105 kbps, I don't care about the compression rate, the sound quality or whatever, I just listen and enjoy (so it means that it works ok), but the tracks at 64 kbps sound awful, absolutely a flat sound. so i'm recording only at 105. besides, it's worth to say that I use my hd3 while riding on buses, or walking on the street, or any place that may have high levels of noise, maybe if you use it with a hi-fi amp or something like that you will tell the difference with higher bitrates
  8. I upgraded from the 4.0 ver to the 4.3 one, and ass huge was my surprise when first time I ran it, and it said that in order to use this version, I had to format my device. and there is no way in hell that i'm down to erase 15 gb from my player (considering that my pc is old and it only has usb 1.1 port, so figure out how long it takes to transfer all that amount of music) is there anything that can be done??????? I have no more the 4.0 version available (the installation cd was sold with my previous A1200 player), so I tried with the 2.3 version install cd which came with my HD3, but it says that it can't be used with this device (!!!) heeeeelp pleeeeeeeeease!!! thanx
  9. does exist any kind of upgrade like this for the NW-HD3 ????
  10. suso

    HD3 vs A1200

    first I purchased a new A1200 for about $160, and 7 months after (on feb this year) a great-condition used hd3 for about $120 (and sold the 1200 for $100) the hd3 is way better. more storage capacity, way more battery life (the battery on my 1200 lasted about 7 hours), and it is amazingly faster to navigate between the folders than the 1200 (which sometimes got a little stuck) what can I say, the only thing I miss from the 1200 is the size and the fact that the remote I use (rm-mc38el) displayed the song titles in that one, but does not on the hd3 (i will fix that soon buying another one). maybe the 1200 has a more attractive design, but to be honest, I don't care too much about that...
  11. hi I have sonicstage 4, and on the atrac device window, the folders (which are inside the player) are sorted by date (the date they were transferred to the device). Obviouslly, this is annoyingly useless, since I have to search from top to bottom if I want to know whether I have some certain files inside it or not. Is there any way to get the files sorted by name?? I haven't found anything helpfull on the help topics. would any other sonicstage version be able to do this? thanx
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