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  1. In that case I will try downloading SS 4.3. Where is a safe website to get that from? thank you!!
  2. I'm using Vista. Thanks juli, but I really don't want to download anything...last time my computer died apparantly because there was so many downloads. Do you know if there's anything I can do without making a download?
  3. Hi, I have SonicStage 4.0 which I bought in England. It worked fine on laptops over there but now I have tried installing it on the computer at home. Every time I try to open it an error message comes up (error code 00004e2e) saying "the selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has been changed. " it then opens a system restore tool. I run the system restore tool, uninstall, reboot computer and reinstall SonicStage, same problem. I've done this three times now!!!! I know this is in the FAQ and something about downloading TuneUp. But I really don't want to download anything because that's what wrecked my old computer...to many downloads. Please, is there any way I can fix this problem without having to download stuff?
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