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  1. Well, I have 4 MD units, one of them being the NH600 Hi-MD, got the software sonic stage and working on Hi-MD is easy enough. I want to record disks for playback on my other old units, mainly the R55, so i need to record in net-MD mode, but the SS will not recognize the disk after re-initializing in net-MD. Is it a missing driver, or would it be something else?
  2. djisas

    SS and Vista

    Both OS are recent installs, i suspect it might be conflicts with xp sp3 and vista sp1, maybe... It worked just fine on xp sp2 with over than an year running... Ill install new MB soon and reinstall the OS and see what hapens then...
  3. djisas

    SS and Vista

    I cant even get SS 4.3 to run on either vist or xp, i have a great walkman the nw-e015 but im stuck with the software an no way of putting music on it...
  4. Same problem here with my nw-e015, but it doesnt work on xp eithwr, it crashes while trying to access the player...
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