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    Connector Chaos

    >> if you mean the usb-wm-port cable then no way should it cost 65bucks. That is Aussie dollars - so less for you. I can only find the original Sony replacement, so I assume there is the Sony premium price, plus freight on a special order, plus retailer's markup etc etc >> most sony products designed for ipods will not work with walkmans... That was my point, surely in order to maximise sales of both Sony products wouldn't you make them compatible, regardless of whether the competitor's product has market share. There is a degree of psychology involved here - it gives the impression that Sony has no confidence in its own product. All that is needed is an adaptor (like a gender changer) with a wm-port on one side, and an ipod socket on the other.
  2. amboman52

    Connector Chaos

    Don't get me wrong - I love Sony's innovation and style, but why do they have to continually have to handicap their products with silly decisions. In the past I have had two minidisc recorders using their own unique connectors and silly charging stands that weren't compatible. Spare cables cost a fortune - if you could get them. Then I bought a MZRH1 minidisc - and oh joy, it used the ubiquitous mini USB connector. I could have a cable at home, one in the car, one in the office - and if I lost one, I could replace it at almost any store. Lulled into a false sense of security, I recently bought a Sony MP3 Walkman and now I am back to the unique cable syndrome. A second cable costs $65.00 on special order - and better yet - when I went to look at Sony clock radios and other Sony docking devices THEY ALL HAVE IPOD CONNECTORS ONLY!!!! Ask a Sony sales rep why you cannot connect their expensive MP3 player with their equally expensive docking equipment and he will start whistling and staring at the ceiling! Ask him whether Sony at least makes an adaptor so that they can be connected and he will start walking backwards towards the door! As in the past, Sony seems intent on crippling their own market by going their own way. Rant over, I will now go and listen to music - when I can find the charging cable.
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