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  1. Hey scaramouche, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, I hope you enjoy your stay here I think the more appropriate title for this posting would have been “Research before you buy!” instead of “Think before you buy!” Anyway, just because it does have the Walkman® branding on the phone, one should never assume that it will have all the features that are in a typical walkman. A “Walkman,” in its most basic form, plays music (nevermind the codecs, special features, etc..) In 2001, Sony went into a joint venture with Ericsson to make the Sony Ericsson brand, which incorporated Ericsson’s mobile phone know-how with some of Sony’s consumer electronics expertise. So yeah, knowing that ATRAC3(/plus) format is one that is not only proprietary but not very popular, it made sense for Sony Ericsson to not force the format down the throats of their consumers. HOWEVER, it WOULD have made sense to allow users to opt for ATRAC3(/plus), if they wanted to on their own free will, but that was at the sole discretion of Sony Ericsson. I’m guessing that it was the Ericsson part of it did not want to get involved with Sony’s DRM mess and just opt for support of the major/popular/non restrictive music codecs. You can argue that non-Walkman® devices such as the Mylo, the PSP, and the PS3 have ATRAC3(/plus) support, but those are all in-house Sony products, not something in which they only have 50% control over. I personally have a Sony Ericsson W600i and I really enjoy it. I researched about it BEFORE I purchased it, and I was fully aware that ATRAC3(plus) was not supported when I bought it. It wasn’t an issue to me, as I rip twice anyway (64kbps ATRAC3plus for all my Walkmans & 320kbps at MP3 for “archiving”, but I convert to 192kbps for when I transfer over to my W600i and other non-atrac devices) Regarding the other problem, as others have said, in the future, uncheck the box for "add copy protection" before you rip. That will produce ATRAC files that aren't DRMed. And you can even select your codec of choice, whether it be WMA, ATRAC, MP3, or AAC.... though keep in mind that ATRAC is the only one that will play gapless on Walkmans, i think... I never tried AAC or WMA so I can't be sure for sure, but MP3 for sure isn't gapless on the Walkman...
  2. Hey aob9, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here I own two MS Walkmans.. the NW-MS9(64MB) and the NW-MS11 (128MB). I reckon they're both pretty much the same thing except for a higher capacity memory stick and what not... Love both, though the gumstick battery pack and needing the external battery charger was starting to become a 'con' for me. While I don't have a NW-HD3, I do have a NW-HD1, NW-HD5, 2 NW-A3000's, and one NW-A1200, and I must disagree with you about the sound quality. The MSx series of network walkmans sound good on their own merrits, but after using some of the newer ones, I am able to hear a big difference in sound quality, with the new ones sounding more crisp. But then again, it might be the codecs too, as I use ATRAC 66kbps for the MS ones, and ATRAC3plus 64kbps for the new ones. So that can be like 'comparing apples to oranges'... I have The NW-S705F, and I think it's just ok.. I kind of liked my NW-E507 a little more. The screen is colored, but it's just a small little colored screen to view album art, and I find that the album art doesnt look that 'crisp' either (it's kinda fuzzy, but the OLEDed text is very sharp!). But as far as sound quality goes, the NW-S700 series will sound MUCH better to you than the NW-MS7. And having really good battery life doesn't hurt, either
  3. yep OCedHrt, unfortunately I think sonystyle is the only place to get it right now (at least here in the states). However, it looks like they have free S&H right now so if you want to get it you can take advantage of it right now i dunno, part of me kinda likes that, as it makes the item seem more "exclusive" or something of that sort.. I'm not going to mention any names, but to me when you can go into a 7-eleven and buy a MP3 player, that particular brand looses it's uniqueness...just my opinion though
  4. Hey SkylineGTRspecII, When in doubt, check their website NW-S705 I think they started selling it around the beginning of this month or something, maybe even a little earlier. Unfortunately, the max capacity that we get is the 2GB version
  5. Hey hartofalyon, I agree with both AntiPod and sweeper as to their reasoning to why the earbuds are short. Sony has a lot of in-line remote controls, and by having the short length ones, you are able to plug them into your in-line remote and not have a lot of excess cord hanging out... Also, by having the option of having it short, like sweeper had suggested, you can use it on a neckstrap without much clutter as well. I use the MDR-EX71LPs with the short cord, and i use the 1meter extention cord that is supplied with it. I have to disagree with you in that the extension cord weighs down on the earphones. If you wear your earbuds the 'concealing' way (between the layers of your undershirt and your shirt) instead of the "cool iPod way!" (letting it all hang out from the outside, which i think sometimes looks kinda silly, especially from the new iPod shuffle commercials [clipped on your front chest shirt pocket, but letting it hang all the way down and back up to your ears is like so cool! ] ), the friction of it being inside rather than out keeps it more or less in place, without it getting loose much once you have the earbuds securely placed in your ear...
  6. Oh snaps! Thanks Jillako for the great find! I missed out on it the deal last time.. by the time i decided whether or not i wanted one the sale was already over.. I think I'm going to get it this time around
  7. Hey Rob A, To make it so that SonicStage doesn't open up when you plug your player in, go open SonicStage, then go to "Tools" => "Options" Then under the "General" tab, under "Automatic Run", uncheck the box that corresponds to "Run SonicStage automatically when an ATRAC Device is Connected". That should prevent SS from loading up when you plug in your HD5 to charge.
  8. Hey Reiter, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here.. Last time I checked, you should be able to "back up" audio files you buy off iTunes and Sony Connect. All you have to do is to burn em as an audio cd, and then once it's on cd, you can rerip them into any format to your heart's content. It's not like they restrict you completely from backing up your content...For example, in the pre-SonicStage days (OpenMG), even when you owned the CD, when you ripped it, you were only able to transfer the song out 3 times. Now when you rip your own CDs, you can transfer that track out as many times as you want. Also depending on the license that the pay-to-download sites have, there are also different allowances as to how many times you can transfer a file out or put it onto a mix cd.. Thanks for the link to this program though
  9. Yep, OCedHrt, that is the current "sale" price. When Jillako posted, it was really on sale for $120. I was sitting on it because I couldnt decide if i really wanted it or not and then when i decided that I wanted it, it went back to this price
  10. hmm.. interesting.. I only used Connect Player for a month at most, since I'm in America and that software was never even released here.. I guess it have to do with your listening patterns in sonicstage then, since you had your listening history since february.. anyway, i dont know how to fix that, and im sorry to hear that your top 100 isnt that of how you want it to be. I do hope though that your experience with SonicStage has been pretty positive compared to that of with the Connect player, though. Hopefully somebody else might be able to help you out. Cheers
  11. Hey kdog, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I think the Top 100 refers to the top 100 songs that you play. Since you switched over from CP to Sonicstage, I think you basically started over from scratch. The songs that you barely play that show up on the Top 100.. maybe they are songs that the player started with and then you next tracked to the song you want? i dont know... but yeah, I believe that the top 100/song ratings and all that stuff are tied together with the music transfering program as well as the player itself. When you went over to Connect, you had to initialize your player too right? So you started over from both fronts, on both the program side and the player side
  12. Hey AMBckb, sorry to hear about the end to your NW-A1200.. May it rest in piece... It's not soundstage, it's Sonicstage And it's perfectly fine to stick with SonicStage. I'd recommend upgrading it to the newest version, version 4.2 though. And your confusion is very understandable... SonicStage CP => Jukebox/ Music transfer service to all past & present Network Walkmans Connect Player (CP) => new Jukebox/Music transfer service that was released with the A-Series walkman, not compatible with any of the older network walkmans (no support for Net/Hi-NetMD, Memory Stick Walkmans, E-Series, S-Series, etc) Connect Music Service => [http://www.connect.com] The website for USA in which you authorize your music player, as well as purchase digital tracks that are in ATRAC Format that are compatible with your Network Walkmans hope that clarified things slightly for you. But yeah, you do NOT need to use Connect Player in order to use your new NW-A3000. SonicStage WILL WORK with it!
  13. Hey Mat, As far as I know, I don't know of any other company that utilizes ATRAC formatted music, as it is a proprietary format that was created by Sony, which was either not licensed to any other company, or no company wanted to obtain a license for... lol ATRAC is a really 'secure' type of format, and I think there are no ways (easily) to convert it from .OMA to a different format. Hopefully somebody else in this forum can validate that for you, but im pretty sure it's not possible
  14. Hey Mat, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here As of right now, Sony does not have any high-capacity players. Depending on where you are located, I think the largest capacity right now is 6GB (NW-A1000) or 8GB (NW-A1200) If you don't mind waiting, there should be a "video walkman" coming out in the next few months... In the meantime, you could take a look at the flash based ones. The NW-S7xx series looks pretty good. Though the highest model tops off at 4GB, I think it's a great player. I kinda like my Sony flash based Network Walkmen more than the HD based ones. Even though they're smaller in capacity, the seek time between changing tracks is much quicker, and the battery life generally is much longer. So yeah, I guess you can either wait it out, or look into a flash based network walkman.
  15. Hey ConnectUser, I had the chance to use Connect player as well as every incarnation of OpenMG/Sonicstage, and I must say that I think Connect player is either hit or miss, while SonicStage seems to be better for the majority of netwalkman users.. I installed connect player on two systems.. 1. Laptop: 2.30Ghz Celeron/1GB RAM/WinXP 2. Desktop: 1.5Ghz P4/512MB RAM/WinXP Even though the desktop is considerably slower than the laptop, the laptop installation was a nightmare, with Connect player freezing up, and not syncing up properly. I think the Connect player experience relies heavily on how "clean" your installation of Windows is. The more cluttered it is, the more problems you may run into With SonicStage, (especially with this newest version out 4.2), it syncs up properly and doesn't freeze up on me on either system. The major features of Connect have been ported over (rating system/ artist link/ playback history/etc..) and with the newest SonicStage I feel is the least "bloated" of recent ones, with it opening up within 10 seconds. It's been a while since I last touched Connect Player, but I remember it kept building database in the beginning, which took quite a long time sometimes. As always, there might always be a personal bias, since I've used SonicStage for all these years (at least 6?) and the basic look and feel of it has been pretty similar throughout. So yeah, like others have said, it's best to stick with what you know. If you feel adventurous, I'd highly suggest giving SonicStage a try. Otherwise, go with what you know
  16. Hey AMBckb, When it tells you to authorize, like MDX-400 said, authorize it! It'll open up the "Connect" website within SonicStage, where you create an account (all is needed is a valid e-mail address and a password), and then once the computer and NW-A3000 is authorized, you can use it on up to 5 computers, and purchase music off of the Connect Website if you ever choose to.. lol When you had your NW-A1200, you never authorized it? And on a semi-off topic, how'd you break your NW-A1200?
  17. Hey AMBckb, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium.. i hope you enjoy your stay here. Did your friend send you a used NW-A3000, or did they send you one that was new in box? Have you also tried to initialize the player? (Settings => Initialize Disk) I too live in the US, and I have two NW-A3000s, one of which was from Japan, and one of which was from Hong Kong, and I had no problem authorizing both devices and putting them on my connect account. But yeah, try to initialize the player and when you plug it in after you open up Sonicstage, it should ask you to authorize your player onto the connect service
  18. though it you have the option to register your player(s) with the service, I'd go for it.. at least check out the benefits of it before deciding whether to or not... With Connect USA, the only thing you need to register an account is an email address. You dont even have to but any billing information down. And once you link up your email address to your player, you're able to transfer songs to/from 5 different computers. on the flip side, connect EU only allows one computer per e-mail address so yeah, depending on how Connect Canada's policies are, if they allow multiple computer syncing, it would allow you to have the ability to transfer music to and from more than one computer, and if you ever needed to format your computer, you just reformat, go reinstall SonicStage, sign into connect and authorize the computer, and you can transfer all the music from your player back onto your computers That's one benefit of registering for Connect. I personally still like to buy my own CDs and rip them myself into ATRAC3plus format. The songs that I have downloaded from Connect USA have been from promo coupon codes, and I must say that the quality is alright, though the stuff I ripped myself at a *lower* bitrate sounds better than the LP2 132Kbps ATRAC3 stuff they have on the site.... but anyway, sorry for rambling on and on you guys.. haha
  19. aznbro85

    NW-A1200's color

    Yep, I completely agree with you AntiPod, as well as you DSP... pretty much all of the Sony Walkmen in the US come in that plastic "bubble" stuff, that gawd aweful stuff that you guarantee at least one cut on your fingers with while you open it Like I had said before I have 2 NW-A3000s, one from Japan and one from Hong Kong (pretty much the EU one), and both of those came with the beautiful packaging that DSP had showed pictures of. I bought the NW-A1200 at the SonyStyle store in San Francisco right on the day that they first had stock of it, and I was DEVISTATED to see that they didn't use that box form factor with the American release... I think ever since the MZ-N10, i can't think of any Sony walkman that did not come in that plastic wrap stuff for America. The thing that really pushes my buttons is that every other country gets a nice box, and I'm pretty sure it adds to the production cost when they use two different types of materials for boxes when they can just have one centralized one in which they ship all of them in...
  20. aznbro85

    NW-A1200's color

    Hey Blue_Yonder, The black NW-A3000 that I got was from an ebay importer located in Japan. The silver NW-A3000 that I got was when my friend was in vacation in hong kong back in January, and was nice enough to help me grab one. As for the NW-A1200, I got it at the local SonyStyle store right her in San Francisco, CA... I've been having a hard time photographing the A-1200, as even though the color is DVD+R violet, it seems that with the lighting and the camera's lense, it shows up as a blue ----------------- I then tried it with more "natural" lighting with somewhat more accurate results... I put it back in it's original box to see if it'd help with the coloring while photographing, but eh... hope this helps P.S. Sorry for the delay... it's been one heck of a week
  21. aznbro85

    NW-A1200's color

    Hey Blue_Yonder, There won't be any issues if you used a "foreign" NW-xxx with the American version of SonicStage. I myself have a NW-A3000 from HK and a NW-A3000 from Japan, and I have no problems with either one while trying to get it to sync with SS.. I also have the NW-A1200 that I bought in-store at the Metreon store in San Francisco. I can vouch for others that have stated before that the violet is definately a dark color. Also, it is more of a violet and less of a blue. It's about the "violetness" of blank DVD+R media, if that helps.. If I have time later, I'll take a few pics and I'll upload em into this post
  22. Hey haissem, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here. CP Player seems to be hit or miss with most people. SonicStage, despite it's notorious history, seems to work better for most. You should try out SonicStage CP 4.0 and see if that program works better for you.
  23. I agree with you Ascariss..I always have a love/hate relationship with Engadget. I go to them to read up on information about upcoming electronics and news pertaining to electronics, but I always expect a lot of Sony-bashing from the writers of their site, and even more so from the readers, based on their comments.
  24. aznbro85

    Help with NW A3000

    hey adwol48, to reset..to the right of the port for the data cable, there is that small hole and next to it it says reset... find something small enough to fit into that hole (like a small paperclip) and put it into the hole and force it in. you should feel a little resistance when you get the inner reset button
  25. I guess I'm just a part of the handfull of SonicStage users who don't have any problems with the software..
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