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  1. duc

    New iAUDIO 6

    I took a look around on their website, they have some pretty cool looking players. Upon entering, I thought iAudio is another family member of ipod. hehehe
  2. Hi,all. I am doing a paper for my english class(focused on race/racial issues etc.) on how assimilated Asian-Americans are in modern America. And am wondering if you could help me by taking a part in my research. Below is a set of questions that I've come up with (first time doing a questionnaire so if you have any advice or suggestions for more questions that would help me then I'd gladly accept them): For all of the questions, you can just PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting in the thread. (pre: What is your nationality?) 01. Do your parents speak english? And if they do, do they use it more than their native language? If they don't, then have they tried to learn it? 02. Were you born in America? Or did you move to the US? And if so then how old were you? 03. Do you(and your siblings?) speak your native language? Can you read and write it fluently? 04. What kind of food do you usually eat at home and outside? 05. What is the religion that your family follow?(if applicable) 06. If your parents own a business then did they faced any problems, when they were trying to open a business? Was it because of their race? 07. Have you experienced any racism in school? Or even in your work place? Or the people around you treats you like you're no different from them? If you're not Asian then please answer following: (pre: What is your nationality?) 01. What is your opinion/attitude towards Asian-Americans? 02. Do you have asian friends? Have you visited their house? Was your experience 'normal,' or was it unpleasant? If so, how? 03. Have you tried asian dishes? Did you like it? Did someone recommened it(were they the same race as you?) or did you take it upon yourself to try? Questions for everyone: 01. What do you think of inter-racial marriage? 02. Do you think that it is possible for asians to assimilate into American culture/society as much as Europeans/Italians/Irish etc. have? 03. And your age, you don't have to be specific(just under 18, 20's, 30's is fine) unless you don't mind? Your feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. And the more details you give in your answer the better it would be as it will only help. I know this is quite a lot of questions, and I really appreciate it if you can take the time to answer them.
  3. I haven't seen that snap buckle thing anywhere. I got my player from circuit city, didn't know they would sell me the plastic thingi. Imma ask them next time I'm there. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Do you mean the leather case in this thread? Im a poor college student, who doesnt have $27 to spend on a carrying case. Plus that metal snap on thing have caught my eyes since I saw it in the mentioned thread.
  5. duc

    New Screen SAVER

    I think what she/he's thinking about is the thing that goes by really fast and disappear for awhile just to show you that it's playing. Or at least that's what i was thinking about when i said it would be cool to be able to replace it. ^^
  6. where can i buy a snap buckle, is it the metal thing that i saw in the thread about the firmware update(post #2)? the plastic holding thing that came with my e507 broke when it was dropped( it wasn't the first time i drop it ^^)
  7. duc

    New Screen SAVER

    that would be cool. i also hope that there is a way.
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