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  1. kalpauly

    AC adapters

    Say I have one for my R700....and I buy an E10. Can I plug the E10 in the stand with the 700 adapter? They're all the same three volt input, right? thanks, kyle
  2. kalpauly


    that's terrible! God should not punish your ears because of nice sounding MD players. thanks for the info, leland.
  3. kalpauly


    anybody have this beauty yet? its a little outta my price range right now, but i haven't seen many reviews or comments on it anywhere. is it reliable? does it sound good? any other comments on it? thanks
  4. you did answer it there. but i'm a stupid dumb mother...okay that's enough. thanks again. i have the audigy platinum EX, with the external thing. so i just stick the ps2 into the optical in, and the optical out to the md, huh? is there any D/A conversion going on there? i'll try it right now.
  5. phew. that was a long title. now, i've asked this on the T board and this board, but haven't gotten a specific answer...or the one i'm looking for. i have a ps2 handy, and a yamaha receiver that has an optical out specifically for the md deck. i want to know if there is anyway possible to do a direct (or indirect, but still digital) transfer of DVD using optical cables? or could i use a coaxial in to the receiver and then optical out to the md deck? there's gotta be some way to get around it. if we can hack our way to owning an R900 with an R700, this has to be cake! thanks, kyle
  6. kalpauly

    weird colors

    anybody see this before? i haven't. must be a uk release or something.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1943885516 kinda cool, i think. too bad i don't have the money.
  7. not that i know of. at least, the earlier models, R500/700 weren't. so i believe that the 505/707 aren't, either. i wonder about the n10, though.
  8. ahhh, i see. thank you very much. kinda pointless anyway, to me at least, since i don't have the remote that allows me to change bass/treble settings. kyle
  9. does personal work? my MZR700 was successfully hacked, but now seems to have the problem of Lenny in Memento. it remembers the personal disc for about two minutes, but as soon as i change a flip discs around, it doesn't remember a thing. any help? i guess i coulda gone to the R900 manual, but oh well. its finals. i gotta study. this saves time? ha. right.
  10. i know its a long shot, but i actually started into md because i liked the idea i coudl get one full concert onto one small, unscratchable minidisc. and since most of the concerts were shitty mp3 quality anyway, i didn't lose much sound quality either. just seeing if anyone else has had this experience. kyle
  11. just wanted to say its about time this website got its own forum! t-board is okay, but i come to this site more, so its just more natural for me to check how everyone's doing here. i love md. i want the e10. that's all for now. kyle
  12. i did the hack and i don't like the way the sound settings 'sound.' i think they sound way shittier. i'm using the headphones that came with the r700 and a pair of the new sport style ones...but if the players sounded better with out the hack, you think i should change it back? or am i missing something? do you absolutely need the lcd remote to access the other functions? kyle
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