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    If you'll travel to Naples, I'll be happy to meet with you and drive in my city ...
  2. Hi all, I bought one for my NH1 here http://stores.ebay.com.cn/3421112_category...0QQftidZ2QQtZkm I hope that you can find what you need. Ciao, Smemo
  3. Jaylen: I don't want to confuse you. I'm joking about it. Sure the cradle is more expansive if you scratch the first. So I bought on ebay a second usb cable and I've modified it to obtain a charging cable without the cradle when I move with my MD. This is my serious answer. Ok ? Peace and Love, Smemo
  4. But I'm thinking about the sound quality and ergonomic. Sure, the 40ELK is a great remote.... Also I believe that the NH1 battery is a good choice to keep weight low for the top model.
  5. Why have no one compared this unit with the NH1 ? I think that NH1 is actually a good unit, more than RH10
  6. Let me try this weekend ... Thanks a lot.
  7. I would convert in batch my files, without using SS3.4 There is a link to Sony product that I used with an older version of SS. http://sonyelectronics.sonystyle.com/walkmanmc/mp3.html I'm asking if someone still use this tool with SS3.4 and how or if exist some other tool to do this conversion.
  8. Hi all. I'm searching a software to convert my entire collection of MP3 to ATRAC. with SS (last version) is not possible to use the little program developed by Sony because there is a version incompatibility. Do you have suggestions ? Thanks a lot, Smemo.
  9. I bougth one from ebay some days ago. The item id is 9702369593 He shipped it from China to Italy in 15 days. The quality is great. Ciao, Smemo
  10. Hi all, I've patched my NH1 for volume hack. Now it sound better and is possible to listen music walking in Naples. Thanks to all !
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