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  1. blue backlight remotes... or a remote like the panasonic mr200
  2. hahaha.. i would NEVER go for solid state.. coz a guy at my school said he'd buy it off me.. and he told me to offer.. so basically.. i wanna get a new one.. and if if get $200AUD.. then that wont be enough.. i'm happy with non netMD.. its perfectly fine.. as long as i have mdlp..
  3. r u serious?? fark man.. $500 for md player.. $200 for remote.. (aud)
  4. hey guys.. long time no posts i was wondering.. how much do you think i could get for my MD recorder.. Sony MZ-R700 RM-MC11EL Remote (r900 remote) Hack done - so all r900 features...
  5. romz.. what is your budget... mic in.. is probably important to some.. do you intent to do live recordings.. or clandestine recordings?? line out is also good.. but the mani feature you should look for it MDLP.. forget NetMD.. netmd sucks..
  6. 1 word - JB HI-FI actually... that might be 2 or 3 words.. :mrgreen:
  7. there was a post a while back.. it might even be in the same section.. try the 'NetMD' sub section.. some guy was asking about it
  8. well.. its no skin off my back.. just maybe to Leland
  9. yeah.. i do japanese at school.. and it is quite rude
  10. lol... report back when ur done.. tell us how you go.. (not sure if 'report back' is the right way to put it) anyway.. once again.. - GOOD LUCK
  11. maybe you could buy a deck from like myer megamart or something.. clive peeters/retravision/good guys.. u know.. those places.. and then... when ur done.. just return it.. in the 14days or whatever.. that they give u to change ur mind say - it wasnt what u were looking for..
  12. if i was you i would be extremely pissed as well... good luck with the TOC cloning..
  13. have you tried playing back on someone else's player/deck maybe its the way that it records.. only your sharp can read ur discs??
  14. try going to 'Go Audio' or something like that its at Melbourne Central.. they have lots of MD stuff can i ask what were you defrauded about? coz u never said what it was
  15. the reading head in your Alpine deck might be dirty.. or maybe there is something wrong with the disc... or is it a MDLP compatibilty problem?
  16. yes.. panasonic is very good for MD players.. do you mean recorders as well.. because i have heard good things about the SJ MR250 and my friend has a MR200 (non LP) and it is very good - small, thin, nice remote, good features)
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