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  1. Give the Senn MX4/500 a try (sub $20US, I think). I kinda found the MX400's to be blah, but many people really enjoy them. Some say they rival Sony e888's ($66US) You can also give the Aiwa VX100's (in-canal, $25US) a try, which are real loud, and ive read their real "rock" phones . Or you can go the Sony way and try out the EX-70's (in-canal, $42US) which are made very tight on bass. Also, just give a try to those "other" brands ... Im real happy with some $20CDN Pana buds I use. I guess it all depends on your ears. ~G'luck
  2. Im not sure if somthing similar to micronics is available locally in England, but why not try to find a cheap NetMD unit, such as a N505? I heard you can find one as cheap as $99 in the US. You'll get to title you disc's on PC, and get a second unit. If you are more of a hands-on type, you can try to make your own here
  3. Nice track. Sorta reminds of Supreme Beings of Leisure. So who is this?
  4. GD|eNSo

    Anti-MP3 movement!

    You listen to Sitar music? RudeDoggy, check out minidisc.org's FAQ section for Atrac info.
  5. GD|eNSo

    Anti-MP3 movement!

    I disagree, and heres why. What I think some people here are confusing "rap" with, is with what is being sold in the general mainstream. I myself cannot stand mainstream, rap/hip hop, pop, and even most rock and I agree, mainstream music is boring, somewhat unintelligent, and played out, but obviousily omiting a few. You have to keep in mind there is a whole level of "rap": different origins. sounds, and people. Just like other genre's. Ill give you one example: Zach de la Rocha, and Rage Against the Machine. One of my fav bands. If you are open minded you cannot tell me that Zach's rap lyrics are unintelligent; simple. They are far from that. It takes much practice, patience, and skill, to be up at a level to get up on stage and rap for an hour or so. Ask a vocalist, how much of an instrument their voice is.
  6. or you can always come to #minidisc on Efnet and chat, chat away! (shameless plug, sry:))
  7. GD|eNSo


    Somthing similar happened to Francis Tung (http://www.minidisc.hk.st/), whom actually lost a lot money due to paypal (you can read his story on his site) I avoided paypal from the beggining and will continue to.
  8. If I remember correctly, that person was asking for the Viao NetMD Notebook. A good person to ask will be Francis T, since he already sells the notebooks. Keep in mind he is on low funds at the moment and will probably take time for you to recieve his products. An alternative will be (like Tharaka already mentioned) Audiocubes (Kohn), and Hyperjack. Good luck!
  9. Not exactly starting from where you left off, but this forum does give you these three options: View posts since last visit View your posts View unanswered posts They are located on the main page of the forum, on the top-right hand corner.
  10. I am pretty sure trackmark's off of a MD wont be picked up by a pc. If you want to split the wav files into individual tracks, I would suggest CoolEdit. Keep in mind this is not freeware, but a trial is available. There are free wav editors aswell, do a google search.
  11. Im not sure of the software, but I can confirm that the same upload restriction as Sony's units apply.
  12. Great find Jimbo! OpenMG file is 55MB, zipped. The serial numero can be found on the inside of the front lid.
  13. I gotta agree with evan. The DR7, it looks nice (to some) cause of what it is has to offer. Its like, liking a rich ugly girl, you know what she has to offer, and you know she's ugly (from the outside) but aftet a while she's the sweetest chick you've ever seen (j.k)
  14. Welcome, and im glad to hear you are happy with the purchase ~This thread will be moved to "Readers Topic"
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