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  1. I just have to speak out on Sonic stage the one program the one problem that needs to be nipped from the bud .. quickly jeoprodizing sony's credability. Imagine i purchased a NW-HD3 to have a crappy software that makes me feel like i wasted my money.. i mean SS been around for years.. and up to this day they can't seem to get it right.. from the first Itunes Apple was rowing their boat in the right direction and to be honest i think what have apple on top none theless is their itunes the program is close to flawless . Imagine i imported a library of about 5000 mp3s with SS and available is only 3015 available for playback/transfer so i was thinking maybe i did something wrong so i selected song by song to import what happens next the title is there but not the file... ever heard of.... never unfortunately i will be selling their player because it just is not worth the hastle. The sony rep that sold me the player spent aprox 40 mins trying to convince me to give it a try why.. his main point was the sound quality of the player.. and the fact that it's a "SONY" but that's not the wave we're ride today are we.. this thing got me soo fustrated . i hardly listen to music as i once did. simply because of a very incompetent software. I know as of now i can't make something better and i don't have to because i'm not SONY. but it's soo depressing.. lol... this is pathetic you might think but i was a sony fan so to speak and now to see my boys losing the battle losing the race they started a race they could once win runing backwards.. managed to be moonwalking all the way back to the starting line. My wish.. that sony will find their senses.. find better programmers if needs be.. take out all the unecessary stuff that comes hidden in their software, reduce the bulk of usless code in the app and make it better...
  2. sorry to say this but i haven't been able to download the file (stand alone SS 3.2) i've tried 5 times and i give up i keep getting the same error message after clicking "i agree" the Error says that they can't locate the file i'm looking for or something to that extent any help would be appreciated
  3. well yeah you probably missed something during the installation because just like norton antivirus SS will install some files to your C: but the bulk of the installation can be directed to any drive of your choice that's once it's passed the initiation phase... that one part where you're not presented with an option to install it to a different drive. because at my first installation i noticed i wasn't presented the option so i cancled it and did it over again after completion and having use the app. i checked the Sony folder on the C: to find it wasn't storing converted files there either.. (as for where they are i haven't looked yet)
  4. well pertaining to the first error "cannot load the rights info...." the solution i found for that was to disconnect the device reload SS and import the folders which contained the files themselves and it worked just fine from then on... as for the other two sounds like some issues might be with your md unit or the disc try using other discs ..........rtm (read the manual)
  5. first make sure your import settings is set to include all folders and subfolders because if you have files in subfolders and you don't set the import settings to inlcude them they won't be added and secondly you can try importing them folder by folder be certain some of your files are not protected Sonic Stage will have an eye out for them. Oh and one more thing after the import have been completed go into your library and on the left hand side of your screen select > view > all files and details. i found that some of the files in my library where not labaled right so in SS they weren't listed under any artists or albums or Genre just blank then scrolling all the way down i saw untitled tracks so to speak
  6. uhh last movie that i watched was unleashed i must say good performance and "a" story line
  7. Hey i had N707 and something like that happened to me at some point but it was just the sign of something worst to come. what used to happen in my case was when the recording head reached near the end of the disc or to the point where the riborn (date cable)connecting the board to the recording head was stretched it was already cracked so once the data flow was interrupted information was skipped and at the end of the recording sessions i'd hear first the pauses and then later down on the disc mechanical noise from the unit cuz it couldn't read nething or what could be your problem is that some dust is captured somewhere under the lens inself but if that's the case it should affect play back as well i suggest u have the lens cleaned with some blowing device he he or a cutip.. and ur last resort to open the unit..
  8. this is a cute topic.. hehe.. I love God .. i Love music almost more than nething.. but i love my mom .. n gurl right behind her...
  9. i'd go for the NH1 as it is a HI MD unit where as the N1 is just a Net MD unit.. in short HI MD is better than Net MD because it boasts the same and better functions than Net MD units the only thing i would be considering if i was in your shoe would be the difference in battery life because the N1 boasts a maximum of 110hours (playback) where as the NH1 can only offer 18 hours +/- but bear in mind HI MD units can record a lot more up to 45 hours on one single disc where as Net MD units max out at 5 ... one more thing you should take into consideration is the rate/time taken to transfer songs to the unit.. HI MD transfer x times faster than Net MDs.. now i think those would be the most important factors you should take into consideration when comparing the NH1 to the N1...there's a lot of other factors like size, ease of use , special functions etc
  10. i believe at this stage your buttons are malfunctioning .. so they no longer do what they are suppose to do.. for instance when you pressed play the unit probably tried to write/edit the disc but because the disc is protected it couldn't so you got the TRprotected message now as far as i know there's no known way to remedy the problem other than to replace the board which host the controls or replace the entire unit. my advice .. :smile: get use to using the remote ..
  11. well based on my lil knowledge of minidisc.. i think somewhere in the the manuals state that you should always attempt to do recordings using batterys holding sufficient power or while the unit is connected to the adaptor. now if during the TOC Editing the battery dies then altho the recording was done and the data was wiritten to the disc the finalizing procedure wasn't completed so it's almost impossible to retrieve the contents especially as the unit didn't get to save it.. i don't think there's a known way to modify the TOC well not that any consumer would know it. one more thing.. although you tried the disc in a non HI MD unit and you probably got some gibberish i doubt that would count as anything useful.. but i do advise you keep searching for a solution and you'd get better responses if you posted your quary in the under HI MD instead of Net MD/MDLP forum
  12. well.. no. buying a new pc is tempting cuz i love hps BUT i'm better off building one..
  13. :smile: clicks of death huh.. sup ne who i just got a reason to upgrade my below average rig. i wanted to play need for speed on the pc but that sucker requires soo much power damn...i might as well stick to pc gaming cuz consoles r runing my pockets down..
  14. :laugh: lol.... okay it's not like i didn't mention that as well. but the situation was something like.. she know i'd spend a ton of cash on such and she didn't want that.. that's why i'm with her :grin: she's economical any ways she had an old mp3 cd player and she was content with it and insisted i didn't waste money and get her anything.. had an MD in mind tho..so now when she went and got that mp3 player i was like oh..boy... and she talks about me :smile:
  15. $1,900 i mean is this a collector's edition or something.. it's still not worth that kinna money.. no BUTs...
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