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    Mz e10?

    Just sold my E10 to some on ebay Got a N10 and much happier Still need the damned USB cable mind Laters
  2. Your posting this on a minidisc forum. Im all for a the N10
  3. Mines a 1.300 that my dad got from HK , but it came with a RM-MC33EL remote i want the 35EL remote. Plus im still looking for the USB cable for it. Thanks
  4. Thanks , but is there anything else on the USB cable like a model number. Like the MZ-N10 thats the unit RM-MC33EL is the remote Something like that, thanks for all your help.
  5. what u mean double post. All i want is to know if there is a part number for the said USB Cable. Thanks
  6. Anyone with a N10 please can u tell me the USB cable part number or anything thats on it. As im trying to get hold of one. Thanks in advance
  7. The MZ-E10 uses the RM-MC33ELU. Well the UK model does anyways.
  8. Why oh why ? Im with the quality of LP4 and that gives me 320M mins anyways and im not bothered carrying a few more minidiscs about. The quality wont get better anyways and prolly u will lose quality if it did convert format and plus it will take it time converting The is one i thinks for some Sony units
  9. SO far so good , but i had to return the 1st unit , coz it was strached on the base of the unit. The battery seems to have some charge in it. And it really didnt need to be charged up on the first use. The battery charge seems on only trickle charge when the battery is over 80 % full. It has charge timer on it to tell u when ur battery is gonna be 80%, also the LED tells u too The sound on this unit is amazing, on default settings the sound seems to have more treble and seems more livier. Also there is Virtual Surround on it , that seems good and there is also a 6 band equalizer which has presets and also 2 settings that u can adjust to your needs. More laters on the unit.
  10. I just got my E10 today from the UK. Just to let u all know. Ill report back on my feelings about it. £230 i paid for. Cya
  11. Hiya people. As you guys/gals all know that i got a MZ-E900. I was just wondering if the new MZ-E10 is a worthy upgrade ? I know its smaller, internal battery etc, i want more details about it. Thanks peeps and Merry Christmas
  12. I see a few people in the UK. Last week on the train i saw this chick had a minidisc. I had my cassette Walkman on me at the time. Damn , wanted to so off to her. She had a old unit by the looks of it. big and chunky , could be a Sony Mz-R33 or something lol Few users , but im sure they r out there Cya
  13. i dont have a E10 yet , but i think its an adaptor for normal 3.5 mm head phones
  14. Erm its died on me !! Well it was on track 4 and the time is 48 Hours 12 Mins and 26 Secs Not bad at all. Anyone else wanna do some tests on there units Remmy LP2 recording , volume 15 and no sound presets I might do a LP4 test on christmas CYa
  15. They r bigger too , and u only get the 1 pair of ear adaptors , so if they dont fit ur inner ear , your buggered. Also the Vx100 r a bit more sensitve 106dB vs the EX70s 100dB Vx has more dynamic range 5-25000 vs the EX70 6-23000 but what the hell anyways ? EX70 can handle more input 100mW vs the vx100 40mW so your unlikely to blow them Prolly the Vx r cheaper , but i haven seen any of the Vx100 in the UK Cya
  16. 47 hours later and its down to one notch and its flashing Shouldnt be long now , im quite impressed still. Ill post the final time Cya
  17. I agree too as im on my 3rd pair of EX-70's. Lastest ones i have got imported from Japan is the SL version , with a short cord and a metre of extension too , gold as well. Prolly the best headphones i thinks. And yes, they are very good with Bass.
  18. Id say best bet is the MZ-N10 All purpose portable MD recorder/player
  19. they r prolly real , as the pages says the MD TOC has been changed, and also there r some Sony MD decks can slow the disc speed down as well, hence if u record in the slowest disc speed , u will get longer record time , people also will remmy that u can convert a 74min to a 80 ish min one Cya
  20. erm its also in lp2 as well, volume 15 and no sound preset on, so im looking about the 40 ish - 50 hour mark , looking so far , down to 2 notches as i have predicted. I might run another test on a 5 hr recording in LP4 Cya 29h34m56s atm
  21. Almost 26 Hours later ... its still churning with this LP2 Minidisc im surprised its not gone to 2 notchs yet. Prolly will do when i get back from shopping. Cya
  22. Almost 20 Hours on my stopwatch and its still going , its on 3 notches. Cya P.S Lord of The Rings is good
  23. sooner or later, time will tell. 6 ish hours and it still going and not a notch of the battery either. Gotta be friday at least b4 it runs dry i thinks, well guess im using my WM-EX7 Walkman to work then, wicked, most stock pile on those tapes. Cya laters
  24. hehe going strong still for 3 hours now
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