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Status Updates posted by Christopher

  1. Everything should be fixed..let me know if you have problems.

  2. Anyone that was having issues logging in should be able to log in now.

  3. Finally fixed the redirect for forums.minidisc.org, so we should be seeing more Minidisc vistors over time.

  4. Great to see the forum more active!

  5. Has anyone used the forum on an Android device? I think the enhanced mobile skin works there too.

  6. Have you visited the forum yet on an iPhone/iPad? We have a new mobile skin. It's awesome!

  7. Committed to fixing this place up!

  8. I am going to fix things ASAP..sorry.

  9. Hey, get on MSN and I can help you get that info.

  10. Hi bob, hope your having a nice Christmas. :)

  11. wow, this profile system is so strange. testing out comments. :)

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