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  1. Unfotunately I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The only place that I have ever seen a minidisc player or recorder in a store is wal-mart. And the only one that they have is the Sony MZ-N505. So i don't have much choice but to buy it off the internet. Minidisc just isn't very popular here. travis442
  2. Just a question, but why do the US models not come with an LCD remote? travis442
  3. Thanks, I figured that you would see this one. I saw your reply in my other question. I believed you and I'll probably end up buying from there. I just wanted to see if anybody else had any experience with them. I have a question for you? What shipping method did you use and how long did it take you to get it? travis442
  4. Since I'm new to minidisc I'm not sure where the best places to buy stuff are. I want to buy the MZ-N707 and I've found several good prices online. The cheapest I've found it has been at etronics.com, they had it for $162.88. That all most sounded too good to be true. So I was wondering if anybody had buying experience with them, and if so did they have any problems. I've also found it at planetminidisc.com for $189, and minidisco has it for $199. I would really appreciate anybody that has had experience with any of the above dealers letting me know how things went.
  5. I'm new to minidisc and I'm going to buy a recorder. I don't have a lot of money to spend around $230. I've found the MZ-N707 for $189 and I was wondering if that would be a good unit to start out on. My other question is, I know it doesn't have optical out, but i've also read that I could still hook it up to a home stereo. How do I do that? Do I just use the car kit that it comes with and plug it into the tape player on the home deck? I would appreciate your opinions and help! travis442
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