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  1. Looks like it worked. Is there any MD player recorders that are actually more intelligent and interface with the software like musicmatch or media player? Seems like a pretty dumb process. I thought that the usb link would allow me to sync up songs with musicmatch and allow me to delete and edit song titles on my md device. Kind of like a storage device attached to a computer.
  2. It actually is set as windows default ouput device for sound. So When I select "send files to my portable device" from musicmatch it is sending them. I just need to have my MD recorder in the record mode while I'm sending them?
  3. I've got an MZ-R500. According to the user manual you don't need to add drivers for the MZ-R500 or the Xitel AN1 connector. However when I connect the device via my USB port to my Sony Viao running XP or my Compaq presario workstation running W2K the only device added is the AN1 which isn't recognized by Windows Media Player or Musicmatch as a portable minidisc player. My problem is that Sony has crappy support and I can't seem to find a driver anywhere. I'm trying to use all of this stuff right out of the box and exactly according to the MZ-R500 manual but it's not working. I've even gone as far as trying different connection modes on the MZ-R500 like R-Sync but still no dice. If anyone else has seen this please contact me. I'm about to throw this piece of Sh** in the garbage. Do I need to have the MZ-R500 in a special mode while I'm trying to send files to it or is there a driver thats suppose to be added that someone can send me. everett_c@hotmail.com Craig
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