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    mac & nh1

    Is it possible to record music to a MZ-NH1 from a Mac computer? If so, how? I have tried it and looked high and low, including this forum, and can not see a way to do it (except to load Windows on my Mac or buy the RH1 which is apparently Mac compatible.) Thank you.
  2. When I start NetMD Simple Burner, the Gracenote CDDB registration popups. When I submit the registration I get the error message: Internal error - Socket open failed. Also, I can not download CD information when setting up a CD to record. Any advice/information on how to fix. Thank you.
  3. I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I searched the forum & could not find any discussion on this. I have a MZ-N10 (great machine!) I am looking for compact portable speakers, that can for instance be packed in a suitcase. Anyone have experience/recommendation with speakers? Where I am living now there is only 1 store that carries this kind of stuff, and they only had 1 speaker to listen to, so I am dependent on this type of feedback. Thanks.
  4. Just got a MZ-N10 from HyperJack and everything was fine. No surprises. In fact he delivered earlier than promised. And he is very responsive to emails. Recommended.
  5. I am ordering a MZ-N10. Any comments on buying from Francis T at Minidisc Online (HK) . . . or recommendation where else to buy. His website is straightforward. His prices are good. All his guestbook comments are positive. And I have not seen any rants about him. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the information. It is helpful.
  7. I am buying my first MD player/recorder. My most important considerations are portability and sound quality. I was going to buy the MD-N1. However, the MD-N10 has the "ATRAC DSP Type-S" which is supposed to give superior sound quality. Does anyone have experience or opinion on the N10 that would justify the extra costs and time to buy it over the N1. Thank you.
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