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  1. I didn't get an MD deck or changer for my truck, instead I got a CD head unit that has a front "AUX" input. That way I can use my MD or even an old cassette Walkman (yeah, some of us old guys still have stuff on tape). It's the ideal solution for me -- YMMV.
  2. I just discovered that in the States, there is a $50 rebate available on the SoundBlaster Extigy, which takes the price to "only" $99.95. It seems to me from what I've read that this unit would allow uploading, after a fashion, albeit in real-time. Anyway, the rebate offer only runs until 12/14, so I've got to make up my mind quickly. I'd appreciate any comments about the Extigy, good or bad. [edit, 12/13]: I should have mentioned that I have an "ancient" MZ-R<something> that actually has digital out. And an MDS-PC1. And an MZ-R37, but that one is reserved for trips to the gym.
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