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  1. Still using Real One ... much less complicated the Open MG. Just click and drag the files over ... no foolish importing like Open MG. The Real One software still uses Open MG to convert the files to Sony's format, but it does it on the fly, and cleans up the extra files afterwards. Also Real One is less picking about Digital Security then Open MG with regard to checking in and checking out files.
  2. Is there a way to do some kind of master reset on a Sony MZ 505? The buttons on the unit somehow are all messed up. Volume = End Search, Play = Volume +, Stop = Volume - ....
  3. Well I solved my own problem incase anyone else happens to read this. I had to uninstall Real Player, and Open MG completely from the machine. Run the Sony Uninstall utility (from their website) then re-install everything. Works fine now.
  4. Should the inline stick remote control for the MZ-707 work on the MZ-505??? I tried it this morning and could not get my 505 to do a damn thing.
  5. I am setting up a new PC to transfer music to my Sony MZ-707 MD recorder, but I am having issues finding the orginal CD that came with it. I found the Open MG 2.2 software on Sony's site, but I have not been able to locate a Driver for Windows XP for the unit. I plug it into the machine via the USB cable, it identifies the device, but is unable to find driver for it. Where can I download the usb driver for it?
  6. I am having some issues transferring music to my Sony 707. Unless the disc is brand spanking new, right out of the wrapper, Real One tells me I have insufficient space on the MD to transfer files. -I have tried formatting the MD thru Real One. Which gives me an error repeatedly. -I have deleted all the songs on the Player thru Real One (so the MD says BLANKDISC), but still Real One says I have insufficient space to transfer music. -I completely removed Real One and reinstalled (I noticed it is a newer version now). But still same issue. Anyone have a similar issue???
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