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  1. these units are still available
  2. I still have a bunch of these units available. I guess I will ebay them soon. Sad, I remember the days when I would post something on here and it would sell in an hour.
  3. apologies for the delayed response. I haven't been onhere in a while and I forgot about my for sale posting. The DH710 is still available.
  4. it's sold, I still have DH710, NF610, n510, n707

  5. NH900 is now sold. nf610, n505, n707, and dh710 are still available.
  6. sale pending on the mz-nh900
  7. it's the download-only sister unit to the mz-rh710. one of my favorites. a solid workhorse that looks really sharp. Mine is virtually brand new...not a scratch on it.
  8. OK - so I TRIED to upload pictures to the post, but I had a very difficult time. I could only post one picture. Anyway - this is more trouble than it's worth...I'm going to eBay. Will post a link to my auctions.
  9. no prob...will post pictures of all the units tomorrow. thx.
  10. Daddy needs a new turntable cartridge... Still available: MZ-NH900 (silver) MZ-DH710 (black) MZ-NF610 (blue) MZ-N510 (silver) MZ-N707 (blue)
  11. EH-70 is sold. others are still available.
  12. sales is pending on the EH70...but not a done deal yet. Make me an offer. I'd say in the $150 range...make me an offer.
  13. Yes, sorry for the typo...it is an NH900 It is an NH900, comes withcharging stand. Works perfectly. cosmetically, there is slight wear on the back corner where the battery comes out. other than that it is near mint.
  14. Selling all my units (except my MZ-RH1): MZ-EH-70 (sold) MZ-NH900 (sold) MZ-DH710 (black) MZ-NF610 (blue) MZ-N510 (silver) MZ-N707 (blue)
  15. ...what would the cost of an EH1 be if someone wanted to sell one?
  16. i do have it...mine is the light blue version. Pretty cool!
  17. Thx - I actually just scored a brand new blue EH70 on Craigslist...I agree, it is quite the unit! I'm looking for another back-up player-only unit to compliment my nh-900 and my other RH-1. Maybe an EH1 or something...
  18. I have a brand new, unopened MZ-RH1 and am willing to trade for a really cool player-only Hi-MD unit. Also willing to acccept trades for other hard to find Hi-MD units.
  19. I use my RH1 with Windows 7 without a problem...?
  20. www.beachcamera.com www.beachcamera.com www.beachcamera.com
  21. albert


    Just scored a brand new MZ-EH70 on Ebay for just $70. Once in a while I get lucky [on Ebay].
  22. albert

    FS: MZ-M200

    This is now on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200471385978&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  23. albert

    sell my RH-1?

    Thank you for your sage advice. After much thought I have indeed decided to sell it. It is listed in the classified section here.
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