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  1. geed

    FS: Sony RH1

    i think i may decide not to sell it
  2. geed

    FS: Sony RH1

    bought this unit 2 months ago for 350 plus shipping selling it for 300 , in box! mint condition, 1 hi md disc included, thank u money order accepted or paypal thank u : pm me
  3. none of the icons are downloading for me =[
  4. well ive tried ss 4 on windows 2003 and i get transfer errors =[ hopefully a workaround will come about since 2003 is my fav os! <3 :fingers crossed:
  5. hi, anyone know how to get ss 4 working with win 2003? i installed it and i get transfer errors, =\
  6. well i just traded my minidisc in for an in expensive, tiny goes-around-my-neck ipod shuffle, and so far i love it! itunes is pretty simple, it converts and transfers very fast and i only have usb 1.1, and 12 hr battery life wow it amazed me, i haven't abandoned md, ill probably buy another md in the future since i have alotta md's lying around, maybe when your able to fully upload, that would be something.. what are your thoughts?
  7. if he did i have these items, 2 cradles silver and the japanese gray with ac and usb and i have 1 battery casing still in wrapper edit:sold!
  8. geed


    if anyone has a nh1 they want to sell let me know i have a nhf800 and i want to upgrade thanks!
  9. anyone have a mz-nhf800 and are familiar with its service mode settings and how to go about tweaking it? thx for any info
  10. true, i wish i could transfer at3+ without having to lp2 to my n10 its a good compression idea, but in some songs it gets loose
  11. well the way i see it is you can encode something with better sound quality smaller file size then convert it again which means better codec less space, less space more room am i making any sense? hehe i like it i own an n10 and ive encoded a couple cd's to test at3+ , only thing i dont like about ss2 is you cant adjust where your at when your monitoring a song also it doesn't tell you how much space is left but SP hm geed
  12. yea, told you guys the graphite colour was only for japan :roll: geed
  13. cooool my firmware is also 1.100 ooo but i dont know what to change so i leave it alone, i guess the options will unfold with time? :wink: geed
  14. wait wait wait,! service mode on the n10?! geed
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