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  1. triplea

    MZN-1 vs MZ-N707

    Firmware upgrade, huh? Never heard of that... Or do you mean the N505/707 -> N1 hack? That has been brought up, many times, before, even in this thread.
  2. Actually, PDM seems to work for 707 units with firmware 1.1. Most have 1.3 though.
  3. THANKS MAN! I've been trying to figure out how to make my RM-MZ35 remote work fully with my N707, and with the AC plugged, it does! I didn't think of trying that before. Now I'll just think of a way to make it work constantly. Maybe a battery pack?
  4. NP, just glad I could help. Remember, though, you owe me an N707
  5. Good Idea, I'll try it when I come around to it
  6. triplea


    They have really nice prices, afaik. I ordered an MZ-N707 from them in November, costed me 187.19 incl 3 day shipping to MN, USA. I haven't had any problems with the unit, so I don't know about their return and refund policies. They did accept a Swedish VISA though (I live in Sweden, and have a friend who is studying in MN who brought it to me when he came home for christmas), but I had to email them pictures of my credit card and ID.
  7. Have you tried using group/cancel instead of pause as a shift? Might that help you in any way?
  8. The N1 has got an option for choosing between fast forward and song skip when using the remote, when a song is paused. The 707 seems to lack this feature. And yes, the eject button is a bit weak.
  9. triplea

    MZN-1 vs MZ-N707

    You can't hack the N707 to get the Jog-dial of the N1. Although, it's not worth a hundred bucks, in my opinion.
  10. A multi band EQ would rock. Virtual surround and other shitty things ain't worth the extra cost, though
  11. Have you guys checked out the MZ-EP11? It's actually thinner than an MZ-N707, mostly thanks to the slot-in mechanism. It's also more than slightly rectangular. Anyway, that unit is like 5 years old now, and has a thick and heavy metal housing. A new "MZ-N111" would rock, if they just used the landwinnings in miniaturization to size it down and make it lighter.
  12. Have you tried different music CDs? This might be some odd-work of Sony evil copy protectionism OK, it's a very long shot, but not impossible.
  13. Johnty, how did you come to that conclusion? Have you tested loading different batteries and timing them, or what?
  14. I think the data shown in the display varies with the display mode. If you choose "1 Remain", the titles scroll constantly. Bt if you choose "Laptime" instead, the title scroll only once, when there is a track change, and then the group number and track number is displayed, constantly. This apllies to group mode.
  15. How does the charger in the MZ-N707 know when the battery is fully loaded? I wanna replace the 700 mAh NiCD battery with a 1800 mAh NiMH one, to boost playing time by 250% But is this a good idea, or will the charger constantly undercharge the battery, decreasing it's capacity to 700 mAh? Edit: Of course, the 1800mAh battery is supposed to be NiMH and nothing else.
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