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  1. Nope. tried it. still get the same goofy timing on Simple Burner. Must be a Simple Burner issue. I guess I have no alternative but to create 2 separate images. It's not really a problem with creating 2 separate images, it's about getting a whole show, which usually runs 120 -150 minutes, burned onto the minidisc in one shot....not having to break it up into 2 pieces. thanks.
  2. I use Nero to create an audio cd as an image and save it on my desktop. Then I load it using ImageDrive. Next I open NetMD Simple Burner and load the image. If the image is quite large, say over 120 minutes or so, I get an error on Simple Burner, although it doesn't overtly say "error". What I get is a listing of all the songs, with the correct timing on the right hand side. However, for the last two songs I'll get a reading like this: track 25 157:25 track 26 -144:32 Anyone else have this problem? Is this a Simple Burner thing? Or a Nero thing? Or an ImageDrive thing? Is there a way to load 150 minutes of songs onto a minidisc without creating two images and burning each image onto the minidisc separately? cheers. mitch
  3. Has anyone tried this combination successfully? I have a laptop with no line-in, only mic input. When I connect my MZ-N1 to the computer using line-out and mic input and use Win nmd to transfer from MD to PC, the result is terrible - noisy, hissy, not acceptable at all. I was wondering, if I used the iMic, which bypasses the soundcard and connects to the USB, the resulting recording would be much improved? Does anyone know if Win nmd will recognize the iMic as an audio input? Perhaps Christian Klukas can shed some light. thanks Mitch
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