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  1. I wasn't insulted. It's all good. Thanks for the info. Damn Sony though, with their stupid prototype causing all this confusion. I guess it would have made too much sense just to put Type-S on the damn picture.
  2. I bought an open box model from Future Shop. The box had been open but everything inside was still factory sealed, even the disc.
  3. I was not intoxicated because I was too busy paying $199.99 Canadian as my location would imply.
  4. According to sonystyle.ca, the MZN510CKS will be available here on February 18 for $249.99. Is it worth the extra $50 to upgrade from a MZ-N505 that I bought for $199.99 (but can still reutrn) to a MZ-N510? I called Sony's Customer support and the guy I talked to had never heard of the 510! :shock:
  5. This is going to be the second 505 that I return! Btw, what's up with dust getting in the screen? How does it get there? Is it that hard for Sony to seal off anyways for it to get in?
  6. No one answered my first one so it was obviously in the wrong location.
  7. Thanks! I guess it was a dumb question. I'm still learning how to use this thing.
  8. I hooked up my 505 to my guitar amplifier's emulated line out jack and only got sound in one ear. The amp is mono so how can I center the sound from the player?
  9. Are there any differences between the MDLP sound quality on a Sony MZ-R700 and the current MDLP units (MZ-N505, 707, etc.)?
  10. When you plug the USB cable into the MZ-N505 recorder, does it fit in tight, or can you jiggle it around a little bit? I tried putting some songs on a disc and OpenMG couldn't find the player, so I checked to see if it was connected tightly, and it moved the socket. The cable fits into the socket fine (I think) but it seems that the socket is loose inside the body of the player. It doesn't move a lot, just a little, but I don't know if it'll get worse. Are they all like this or is mine defective?
  11. What are faster alternatives to transferring via NetMD? I didn't think it was that slow, but then again I guess it's because I'd been using a cassette walkman as my primary portable audio device up until about 2 weeks ago 8) . I sometimes wonder if it's worth the extra cash for MD over cassette. Both have cheap media, my walkman is all metal (Panasonic Shockwave), the walkman looks way better than any MD I could afford, the walkman has track search like an MD player, and it's much cheaper. I'm not gonna' go on about cassette being better because in the end it isn't, but the price of MD players is crazy!
  12. I think I'm going to wait for the 610's to come out then. But now I'm gonna' be without an MD player for about 2 months. :x I don't think LP4 is too bad, it loses a bit of the high end sound, but I managed to fit 6 CD's onto one MD yesterday and it didn't sound too bad at all, but I'm always ready for improvement!
  13. Could the TV tuners just be another reason for Sony to charge more? As far as I understand, it's just a useless feature, for me at least since I live in Canada. Does anyone have any advice as to whether it is better to keep my 505 or return it and wait for the 610's to come out? I need to know soon because the number of days I have left to return it is getting smaller.
  14. So since I live in Canada the weather band tuner is useless to me? Can you explain in more detail the differences between Type-R and Type-S? Can you fit more music on an MD with Type-S?
  15. Can someone explain the differences between Type-R and Type-S recording? I have the N505 and am thinking about returning it while I still can (about another couple weeks) and holding out for one of the new 610's with Type-S. Is it worth waiting for the new ones and paying the difference? Also what is a weather band tuner and why would I need a tv tuner on an MD player? :?
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