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  1. I'm getting completely out of minidisc and am letting go of all of my units. Paypal and CONUS only please. Prices include S/H and paypal fees. I have 1 Sharp IM-DR80 (blue). It has all accessories (remote, batt, etc etc), and are in immaculate condition. Asking $120 This is a PINK Sharp IM-MT770. It's a european version with an international adaptor included. All accessories are included! Asking $35 This Panasonic SJ-MJ15 is SOLD The Sony MZ-R50 is SOLD The Sony MZ-RH1 is SOLD I have good feedback on HeadFi, T-Board, and ebay if you're concerned and I can provide links. Thanks for looking!
  2. bump - As much as I'd love a red unit..... I'd also accept offers for silver or black
  3. I'm looking to replace the Black dr80 that I sold awhile back with a RED dr80. Must be in good condition with all accessories (docking station, battery, ac adapter, etc etc)
  4. I was scurred that T-Board was gone for good. It's good to see you all here!!
  5. Here are minidisc recorders and players that I don't use anymore so they're up for sale. I know there aren't very many who follow or use the md format, but if you're one of them, you can find some nice gear here! I have to admit that this is my first selling transaction; however I have excellent buying feedback here: http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread....ghlight=sant430 http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showthr...ghlight=sant430 http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...ame=STRK:ME:UFS All prices are negotiable and I can take paypal or cashier's check. Sony MZ-R50 (Silver): . This has the external dry cell AA battery case (holds 2 AA batteries), 120V AC adaptor optical cable Sony MD felt bag. This is also an SP unit that plays fantastic. There are some scuff marks near the side of the battery case attachment but they’re minimal and scratches are very few and far between, and they really don’t take away from the aesthetics of the machine. The condition of this unit is about an 8.7 out of 10. Price: $100 incl. s/h Sharp Auvi MD-DR77 (Black!): This was my baby for a long time! I used to record concerts as well as business meetings with this. This is an MDLP recorder. It’s very well taken care of and includes the remote, 100V AC adaptor, I’m also including a 110~130V -> 100V AC transformer, dry cell AA battery case, supplied Ni-MH battery, docking station, supplied 4 pole Sharp earbuds, instruction manual, and Sharp felt bag. The condition of this unit would be 9.5/10. Price: [sOLD] Sharp Auvi MD-DS70 (White)/JVC XM-PX5 player Combo!: The DS70 is in immaculate condition. This is an MDLP player. It includes the remote, Sharp 4pole earbuds, Sharp felt bag, docking station, 100V-240V Power adapter, Sharp NiMH gumstick battery, AA external battery case. The JVC unit is bare bones. It’s about a 8.5/10 condition, but only includes the remote, and the Ni-MH battery. You’ll need a charger or another unit to charge the battery for this JVC. THIS IS AN SP UNIT (no mdlp here). It’s fully functional and plays great! Price for this combo is: SOLD!! MD-MT770 (Pink!): This is also MDLP. It includes remote, USB connection kit AD-USB1 (w/optical cable), gumstick battery, gumstick battery holder, external dry cell AA battery pack, Charging stand/ac adapter (world model, but the US adapter is included), and black slightly padded Sharp case, manual for unit & USB kit. This is in great condition with very very few scratches. The sheen is fantastic and it plays and records phenomenally. I’d rate it a 9/10 condition Price: $120 incl s/h I want to emphasize that these units are in great condition and fully functional. They're just collecting dust here so they must go. All offers are being considered.
  6. So last month I recorded Dolly Parton, and tonight I'm recording Depeche Mode with the same hardware: nh1 with bmc-12 binaurals hooked to a batt box (set at 69Hz this time - bass roll off was NOT used at Dolly) via line-in. I know the recording afficianados here like the mic-in, but I'm partial to the line-in. At Dolly, I had also used the 'ForLoudMusic' setting, and for Mode I'm going with the manual setting. Man, I hope I don't get any brickwalling. I also recorded at pcm for dolly, but this time is hi-sp. I'll be using my er-6i's for monitoring. The mics are housed in croakies and attached to glasses. I had the glasses resting on top of my head last time, but I'm going to actually 'wear' them for a better stereo effect. Dolly was 2nd row in the pit (verrry close), but Mode is about 22 rows from the stage. The only thing I may be getting is a new 9 volt for the batt box....... Wish me luck!
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    yah, i've gotta lil' bit of ink I got my navel done at 6ga about 4 years ago. and I would go to a thicker gauge about every 6 to 9 months. It's at 00ga right now.....
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    ARRGHH... try it now! http://www.myspace.com/nphyte430
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    heh, and I thought it was just me..... Neophyte
  10. I'm using the nh1. I appreciate the info on the stereo separation too. There is ALOT more to a good, decent recording than I had previously realized. This info is TOTALLY appreciated!! **floored**
  11. By moving the glasses down I'll get a better stereo picture? I thought I would get a better sound by keeping them 'higher' and 'closer to the performer'. that's interesting, I'll have to try that.... Yah, I didn't want to mess with the manual control since I was recording in pcm and didn't want to have to re-calibrate the manual setting... Next show will be in hi-sp and manual levels...... ::EDIT:: Since I prefer to use line-in with a batt box, does anyone know what rec level is ideal for loud shows with this setup? I'm going to try around 20/30 and see how that goes. I'm seeing Depeche Mode in Nov. and I'm about a 20 seats back. I've read that cardioids are better if you're further away, but I'm going to try the bmc-12 again. I love the stronger bass they provide
  12. So I did my first recording at the Colorado Convention Center with my SP-BMC-12 binaurals. Dolly Parton was the performer. I was 2nd row center (pit) using my nh1 with the mics connected to a batt box (bass roll-off settings were NOT used) via the line-in. The mics are in croakies attached to glasses resting on the top of my head. Overall, I was really impressed with the recording. The highs were clear and the bass was VERY strong. I never had to use the bass roll-off settings with the cardioid mics before, that's why my bass roll-off settings were all off. These binaurals seem to have less of a 'tunnel' effect than my cardioids (I have cmc-8s) and I like the bass on these binaurals too. It's MUCH more prevalent compared to the cardioids. However, I"m going to try and see if I can drop the bass on an eq after I upload it. btw, I recorded the show in pcm and set the rec level to 'ForLoudMusic'.....
  13. I had thought the same thing myself, but I didn't have a definitive answer since all of my rec. were done via line-in
  14. I'm thinking the AA is for the battery box myself. What type of music are you recording? the line-in already creates a quieter recording than using the mic-in. If you're recording soft sounds/concerts, a preamp might be better than a batt. box. Also, what type of recording settings are you using? The mic sensitivity could also play a part too......
  15. I was seriously irate and frustrated (clouded by emotion) friday after watching the sony reps and following this thread. Low Volta's on the money tho'. We know that Sony people do indeed come here to MDCF now and then. If we all utilize the announcement petition to post our gear, uses, and what attracts us to md/hi-md, we stand a much better chance of Sony being receptive to md users. Everyone, if you haven't done so yet, please post your gear!!!
  16. .....my sentiments EXACTLY
  17. I played some loud music and did some sample recordings with the cmc-8s and the emc-12s (not long...about 90 seconds with each one...it'll work for now). I noticed that the cardioids (cmc-8s) had a louder recording than the binaurals, BUT the emc-12s had a more prominent bass. There seemed to be more details with the binaurals too. Again, this was me doing only 90 sec recordings of an lp2 concert show done with the cmc-8s. I'm going to try other forms of loud music/sounds with a little longer recording. I wish that I could find a show to record tomorrow or sunday, but nothing here Right now as it stands I'm 90% certain I'm going to the binaurals for Dolly. I found out Dolly's show is about 105 minutes in length so I"m going with two (himd) blanks with me..... :::EDIT::: I forgot to mention that the mics went through the line-in with a battery box
  18. Unit: MZ-NH1 + 21 1gb discs (in addition to 6 MD recorders and 4 MD players + 200 Minidiscs) daily use: listening to music/meetings while on the go (either in the car or on foot) favorite use: recording live shows, creating various audio 'samples' for music production in PCM and HiSP modes professional use: Recording business meetings, creating audio 'flash cards' for my students (I run a martial arts facility), utilizing md as a format to record children's reading progression alternatives? portable player: yes; high quality recording: none afforable/portable... request: to keep the hi-md thriving by continuing the portable hi-md units as well as hi-md decks
  19. Ok, if Sony created a high quality audio recorder that was small/portable, able to record from virtually any audio source, and highly flexible, I'd get that..... wait, isn't that minidisc?!?!?
  20. I know my thoughts are clouded with emotion. I know we REALLY haven't heard anything 'official'. I know we need to wait. BUT THIS HACKS ME OFF.......... I'm going to have to buy about 100 hi-md blanks to support my recording too. It's not even as if the prices of hi-md units/blanks will really drop either since we'll stay pay retail price for them...
  21. Forget it. I'd be VERY suprised if they brought a media format back after they discontinued it. This is all about numbers, and the numbers they're looking at don't provide them with a true perspective. They don't realize that they had to AGGRESSIVELY market Hi-MD worldwide for it to be as successful as they wanted. Another reason they won't bring back Hi-MD is this new restructuring between Sony's divisions will 'remember' that MD/Hi-MD 'never' was successful; not why. Ipod Killer what?
  22. I'm serious..... Is there a way we can get some type of petition going?
  23. That's where I'm at. I'm thinking of picking up a used nh900, maybe another nh1, and one or two rh10's (that orange one always screams at me when I look at it). Hell, I just bought a Sharp SG11 this morning! I'm really really angry at Sony
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