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  1. I was trying to transfer some songs - which I copied from a CD I own, but Sonic Stage said that they didn't contain copyright information and could not copy them to my MD because of this. How do I add the copyright information?
  2. Sonic Stage and OpenMG both find my MD but Simple Burner doesn't... why not? It just acts as if it is not plugged in.
  3. Does it transfer names to MD as well or just the song with no title?
  4. Maplin was were I was going to buy my components anyway, I had a felling they might sell a cheap headphone amp, but I'm going in next week to find out, thanx.
  5. I need some help. Anyone who knows how to make a small amplifier. I have a mini disc player and bought some small speakers for it. But, the speakers don't play very loud when attached to my MD, put play loud when attached to my CD player. I have tried other speakers with the same result, and other peoples MD players same to be the same. So, I want to make a small amplifier. But I don't know how. I think you might need the following information to help me: I use the mini stereo jack on my MD player to plug in my speakers. OUTPUT OF MD: -stereo mini-jack, maximum output level 5mW+5mW, load impedance 16ohm SPEAKERS: -Inpedance: 8ohms -Rated output power: 2x500mW -Maximum output power: 2x1W I think thats all you will need to know. I'm hoping to make the amp myself, I have a soldering ion, and can easily buy components, and also have some electronic circuit design program's. Just I'm not sure how to go about this. Thankyou in advance. PigeonHead
  6. I'm looking for some alternatives for PC to MD USB transfer. OpenMG doesn't work, and neither does any other SONY software. At the moment I use RealONE player with the SONY device plugin and also WinNMD to edit the names of the tracks. I would like an all in one program which supports USB transfer and LP4. Although I like RealONE player, I would rather have a sperate program for my MiniDisc. Thanx. PigeonHead.
  7. http://forms.real.com/real/realone/intl/in...-r1ecp_choice_1 Once you have downloaded it, you have to do an update in order to install the Sony Device Plugin: Tools > Check for updates > Then click on 'Devices' and download the Sony Plugin. In order to use the Song Plugin, I think you have to have some drivers installed which you can get by installing OpenMG, but it tells you when you try to use the device that you need to have a certian plugin in order to work the Sony Device, it gives you a link so you can easily download it. Good Luck :wink:
  8. Will there be a version which supports the transfer of MP3 from PC to MD in the near future.
  9. Can I transfer from PC to MD using this program?
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